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Industrial Grade pH Sensor
While the ZEUS„¢ pH Sensors are only available in the configurations as detailed above, all other IOTRON„¢ series pH sensors can be custom built-to-order specific to your exact application requirements. Please review our pH sensor overview webpage to select the customizable product line that is most suitable for your need if you prefer this option. All other IOTRON„¢ series pH sensors are not in stock since they are built-to-order to suit specific requirements. Lead times are normally relatively nominal since most all necessary components are well stocked for most combinations and the availability is only limited by actual manufacturing time, processing of the order and time in the production queue. SELECTED UNIQUE FEATURES OF INTEREST FOR ALL ZEUS„¢ SENSOR CONFIGURATIONS: Best reference service lifetime in process industry through the proprietary and novel non-porous, cross-linked conductive polymer technology with triple junction is standard for all ZEUS„¢ sensor configurations. This solid-state proprietary reference system is nearly impervious to intrusion from most all gases, ions and solvents to facilitate minimal cleaning and recalibration and maximum service lifetime. Leading novel and proprietary solid-state industrial pH sensor & ORP sensor design and technology offers the best possible service lifetime for the most difficult severe service and difficult process measurement applications. Review the Competitive Advantages of Design & Technology for IOTRON„¢ & ZEUS„¢ Industrial pH & ORP Sensors webpage for details about the core technology underlying the ZEUS„¢ pH sensors. The extremely rugged industrial grade construction including an extra thick sensor body housing makes ZEUS„¢ sensors the ideal choice to operate in most any installation in a temperature range at pressures up to 200 psig for 1"MNPT screw-in type inline style installations or immersion & submersible type installations with aggressive abrasives that can induce mechanical wear. The 5.6mm (0.22") thickness for the back of the sensor body minimizes the impact of the process exposure due to mixers, vibration and other stress induced by rugged field installations. The solid state reference is highly resistant to dehydration and our thick wall parabolic glass is nearly impervious to cracking, even under high pressure and flow conditions. Supports continuous use from -15 to +150 degrees Celsius to handle most any process conditions. Standard features all ZEUS„¢ sensor configurations include Ammonia, Chlorine and Sulfide Gas Resistant and can operate pH media from -0.5 to +14.5 in the presence of most organic media & volatile solvents. All ZEUS„¢ sensor configurations include ACCU-TEMP Fast Response Pt1000 Temperature Compensation (TC) Element and 4 each Ultra-Thick 3.0mm (0.12") Protective Tines to avoid pH glass breakage in handling and field use Universal and 5-wire differential preamplifier configurations of ZEUS„¢ pH sensors include Solution Ground Liquid Earth with Hastelloy® C-276 Material of Construction to ensure suitability for most any process chemistry UNIVERSAL CONFIGURATION terminated with tinned leads and the wiring schematic detail can be used to interface to your mating OEM pH transmitter (see list of supported transmitters below). WITH CONVENTIONAL PREAMPLIFIER CONFIGURATION OR WITH 5-WIRE DIFFERENTIAL PREAMPLIFIER CONFIGURATION are terminated with quick disconnect IP67 & NEMA 6P rated waterproof and corrosion resistant snap Q7M/Q7F connectors as detailed in the respective installation guides linked above. Back of sensor 1.25" MNPT threads are sealed with robust waterproofing assembly so that all ZEUS„¢ pH sensors are suitable for use in immersion or submersible type applications as well as for inline use. Wrench flats feature is standard to allow for securing sensor into threaded 1" NPT inline process connection or 1.25" NPT immersion tube without damaging sensor body. Care must be taken not to over-tighten any sensor to avoid damage during commissioning or insertion and removal from process for cleaning, recalibrating or replacement during maintenance. Consult ASTI factory for assistance to ensure best practice care and use. The general care and maintenance guide for pH sensors is the starting basis but inquire to the ASTI factory for specific best practice instructions for your particular application for optimal results. ZEUS„¢ pH sensors are manufactured with RADEL® (Poly-Phenyl-Sulfone , PPSU) sensor body housing materials of construction and KYNAR® (Poly-Vinylidene-Fl uoride, PVDF) to handle even the most difficult field process measurement applications. Technical information regarding the chemical resistance as well as the thermal and mechanical properties for these materials of construction are provided further below in this webpage to assist with confirmation of suitability for your intended process use. Thick-wall break resistant low-profile parabolic pH glass element for slurry and viscous type process media extends service life for tough installations. This type of rugged thick-wall, low-profile, break-resistant parabolic pH glass is standard the WITH CONVENTIONAL PREAMPLIFIER OR WITH 5-WIRE DIFFERENTIAL PREAMPLIFIER ZEUS„¢ pH SENSOR CONFIGURATIONS Factory Statement of Warranty for IOTRON & ZEUS electrochemical sensors: Please review before making any purchase and inquire to factory with questions if necessary. FEATURES SPECIFIC TO SMART DIGITAL CONFIGURATION OF ZEUS„¢ pH SENSOR: Integral smart digital board stores calibrations & transmitter configuration in sensor Waterproof NEMA 6P quick disconnect HiQ4M Snap Corrosion Resistant Connector Up to 610 meters (2,000 feet) noise insensitive digital cable with HiQ4F extensions True plug and play sensor with automatic loading of calibration values for hot-swap Calibrate conveniently in lab or shop and install quick-disconnect sensor in the field Advanced autoread algorithm for reproducible & operator independent calibrations Automatic recognition of 4.00, 6.86, 7.00, 9.18 & 10.00 NIST traceable pH buffers with built-in correction for temperature induced changes to pH buffer value Reliable readings in acidic or alkaline range with 1-point, 2-point or 3-point calibrations Calibrate with sophisticated HiQ Windows software or any 3TX-HiQ-pH transmitter Entire transmitter configuration can be downloaded to sensor or uploaded from sensor to intelligent 3TX-HiQ-pH transmitter for advanced management of field installations Stores last five offset (1-point), slope (2-point & 3-point) and temperature calibrations See 3TX-HiQ webpage for complete set of features & functionality for the smart digital platform
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  Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc.
Product Category pH Electrodes
Product Name Industrial Grade pH Sensor
Operating Temperature 5 to 302 F (-15 to 150 C)
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