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Broken Arrow, OK, United States
Sapphire Optics
Sapphire unquestionably offers the most robust durability and greatest spectral range of any optical material short of diamond for sapphire windows. Access Optics manufactures sapphire in a countless variety configurations to address optical, mechanical and electronic applications. As is true for glass components, we've mastered the production of miniature sapphire elements for applications such as endoscopy instruments in sizes to less than one millimeter with precise control over tolerance conditions such as net dimensions, chamfers, surface quality and chips. Access Optics offers components with superior surface quality and free of such common material defects such as twinning, striae and particulate contamination: Material Sapphire Verneuil Single Crystal Random Orientation Controlled-Axis Orientation Ruby Configurations Windows Plano/Plano Wedged Lenses Spherical Rod Ball Prisms
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  Access Optics
Product Category Aluminum Oxide and Alumina Ceramics
Product Name Sapphire Optics
Performance Features Glaze or protective coating (optional feature); Metallized or electrode film (optional feature)
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