AAA Products International, Inc. Solenoid Valve ESO12


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Solenoid Valve ESO12
Standard solenoid models are assembled for "Internal Pilot" operation; that is, the valves derive shifting pressure for the spool from the valve inlet port. The required pressure to shift the spool is dependent upon the operator style. If the valve must operate at other pressures or vacuum, then the solenoid operator must use an "External Pilot" source at a pressure between 25 PSI to 150 PSI. Valves that require external pilot pressure can be ordered from the factory with the "Z" Option or be converted in the field for "External Pilot" operation.
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Technical Specifications

  AAA Products International, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Number ESO12
Product Name Solenoid Valve
Primary Material Aluminum
Number of Ports 4
Valve Type Directional; Solenoid; Spool
Media Gas (optional feature); Air; Compressed Air
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