Craftech Industries, Inc. Datasheets for Bolts

A bolt is a type of threaded hardware fastener that is used to position two workpieces in specific relation to each other. A bolt is specifically designed to be used with a mating, internally threaded hole or nut, which will maintain the bolt's alignment as well as the material's position on the bolt. While used synonymously, screws and bolts are not mechanical clones.
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Product Name Notes
U Bolts -- long reach u-bolt
U Bolts -- standard u-bolt
Craftech manufactures a line of plastic u-bolts including a long reach u-bolt and standard Isoplast u-bolt. Corrosion resistant and strong Isoplast is the plastic material.
Bolts -- Bolt - Hex
Bolts -- Bolt - Hex Slotted
Bolts -- Flat Hex Socket
Bolts -- Screw - Countersunk
Bolts -- Screw - Hex Flanged
Bolts -- Screw - Hex Slotted
Bolts -- Screw - Hex Socket
Craftech manufactures and distributes plastic cap screws and bolts in a variety of plastic materials and sizes. Plastic Bolt styles include Hex and Hex Slotted.
Captive -- Hex Socket Button
Captive -- Large Chamfered Knurled
Captive -- Phillips Fillister
Captive -- Phillips Flat
Captive -- Phillips Pan
Captive -- Phillips Round
Captive -- Plain Hex
Captive -- Short Knurled
Captive -- Slotted Binding
Captive -- Slotted Fillister
Captive -- Slotted Flat
Captive -- Slotted Pan
Captive -- Slotted Round
Captive -- Small Chamfered Knurled
Captive -- Socket Head Cap Screw
Captive -- Standard Knurled
Craftech manufactures plastic captive panel screws in a variety of plastic materials including: PEEK, PVC, Ultem, Vespel, Delrin and glass-filled Nylon.
Eye Bolts -- eye bolts
Eye Bolts -- shoulder eye bolts
Craftech manufactures plastic eye bolts and shoulder eye bolts in a variety of sizes and lengths. Craftech's Plastic Eye Bolts are available in plastic materials including: Isoplast, glass-filled Polypropylene and...