Lumaco Sanitary Valves Datasheets for Gate Valves

Gate valves and knife valves are linear motion valves in which a flat closure element slides into the media stream to shut off flow.
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Product Name Notes
Aseptic Valve -- NB701-1
Aseptic Valve -- NB701-1.5
Aseptic Valve -- NB701-2
Aseptic Valve -- NB701-2.5
Aseptic Valve -- NB701-3
Aseptic Valve -- NB702-1
Aseptic Valve -- NB702-1 1/2
Aseptic Valve -- NB702-2
Aseptic Valve -- NB702-2.5
Aseptic Valve -- NB702-3
Aseptic Valve -- NB703-1
Aseptic Valve -- NB703-1.5
Aseptic Valve -- NB703-2
Aseptic Valve -- NB703-2.5
Aseptic Valve -- NB703-3
Aseptic Valve -- NB704-1
Aseptic Valve -- NB704-1.5
Aseptic Valve -- NB704-2
Aseptic Valve -- NB704-2.5
Aseptic Valve -- NB704-3
Aseptic model features stainless steel bellow for low maintenance and long life. Stem teflon sliding bushing gives positive alignment and minimum friction. Floating glass filled teflon "O" ring for thorough...
Pressure Relief Valve -- PRV-MP-316-1
Pressure Relief Valve -- PRV-MP-316-1.5
Pressure Relief Valve -- PRV-MP-316-2
Pressure Relief Valve -- PRV-MP-316-2.5
Pressure Relief Valve -- PRV-MP-316-3
Pressure Relief Valve -- PRV-MP-316-4
Pressure Relief Valve -- PRV-WW-316-1
Pressure Relief Valve -- PRV-WW-316-1.5
Pressure Relief Valve -- PRV-WW-316-2
Pressure Relief Valve -- PRV-WW-316-2.5
Pressure Relief Valve -- PRV-WW-316-3
Pressure Relief Valve -- PRV-WW-316-4
Designed to meet the changing needs of the process industry, the new Series 3 Pressure Relief valve is a full-bore self-draining device ranging in size from 1" - 4". Available...
Miniature Relief Valve -- MPRV-MP-.5
Miniature Relief Valve -- MPRV-MP-.75
Ideal for applications where space is at a premium or where weight is important; the MPV has been designed to meet a wide range ofapplications.
CIP Line Valve -- N701-1
CIP Line Valve -- N701-1.5
CIP Line Valve -- N701-2
CIP Line Valve -- N701-2.5
CIP Line Valve -- N701-3
CIP Line Valve -- N702-1
CIP Line Valve -- N702-1.5
CIP Line Valve -- N702-2
CIP Line Valve -- N702-2.5
CIP Line Valve -- N702-3
CIP Line Valve -- N703-1
CIP Line Valve -- N703-1.5
CIP Line Valve -- N703-2
CIP Line Valve -- N703-2.5
CIP Line Valve -- N703-3
CIP Line Valve -- N704-1
CIP Line Valve -- N704-1.5
CIP Line Valve -- N704-2
CIP Line Valve -- N704-2.5
CIP Line Valve -- N704-3
Solid body design available in 304 or 316 stainless steel