TWG Canada Consolidated, Inc. Datasheets for Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic brakes use a fluid to transfer pressure and actuate the braking mechanism.
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Product Name Notes
Drum Brakes -- 100MDB
Drum Brakes -- 200MDB
Product Benefits Compact, simplified & cost effective mounting Auto engage on loss of system pressure Corrosion resistant with minimal wear Output shaft supports overhung loads Features Direct Mount to Low...
Drum Brakes -- LHS100
Drum Brakes -- LHS110
Drum Brakes -- LHS160
Drum Brakes -- LHS170
Drum Brakes -- LHS240
Drum Brakes -- LHS330
Drum Brakes -- LHS430
Product Benefits Provides emergency load holding and stopping in the unlikely event of a power train failure Components unaffected by environmental conditions Ensures full brake capacity at all times Reduced...