Honeymoon Paper Products, Inc. Datasheets for Boxes and Crates

Boxes and crates are rigid, typically square or rectangular containers that may include a cover. They are used for all types of handling and storage applications.
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Product Name Notes
1/2 Sheet Dblwall HBW Pad
1/2 Sheet Gold Scallop Dblwall
1/2 Sheet Gold Scallop Pad
1/2 Sheet HBW1 D/C Pad
1/2 Sheet HBW1 Pad
1/2 Sheet HBW1 Scallop Pad
1/2 Sheet SB1 Pad
1/2 Sheet White Wax Doublewall
1/2 Sheet White Wax Pad
1/2 Sht;Auto;Window;Port rait
1/4 Sheet Dblwall HBW1 Pad
1/4 Sheet Gold Scallop Dblwall
1/4 Sheet Gold Scallop Pad
1/4 Sheet HBW Pad
1/4 Sheet HBW1 D/C Pad
1/4 Sheet HBW1 Scallop Pad
1/4 Sheet SB1 Pad
1/4 Sheet White Wax Pad
1/4 Sht Auto;Window; Portrait
1/4 Sht Gold Scallop 100 pk
1/8 Gold Scallop Pad 9.75x7.75
1/8 Sheet DC HBW1 Pad
10" Gold Scallop Circle 200 pk
10" Gold Scallop Circle
10" HBW1 Circles
10" HBW1 Scallop Circles
10" SB1 Circles
10" White Wax Circles
10"-1.75" Plain *B* Pizza Box
10"-1.75" Stock Print *B* Pizza Boxes
10.25x10.25x3 SB1 Box
10.25x10.25x4 SB1 Box
10.25x10.25x5 SB1 Box
10.25x8x4 SBS 6 Corner w/Window
10.25x8x4 w/win Portrait
10.5x10.5x2.5 SB1 Box
10.5x5.5 Gold Scallop Pad
10.75x6.75x3 5/8 SBS LC Box
10.75x6.75x3-5/8 CCNB LC Box
10X10 Mylar Gold Scallop Pad
10x10x1.5 4 Corner Auto Pizza Box
10x10x1.5 CCNB L.C. Pizza Box
10x10x1.5 Stock Print LC
10x10x2 CCNB LC Box 100
10x10x2 Six Corner
10x10x2.5 Auto;Window Portrait
10x10x2.5 CCNB LC Box w/Window
10x10x2.5 CCNB LC Box
10x10x2.5 SBS 4 Corner Window Beers
10x10x3 Six Corner
10x10x4 CCNB LC Box
10x10x4 SBS S Lock 6 Corner
10x10x4 Six Corner
10x10x5 Auto;Window; Portrait
10x10x5 CCNB LC Box w/Window
10x10x5 CCNB LC Box
10x10x5 SBS 4 Corner Double Window
10x10x5 SBS LC Window Box
10x10x6 CCNB LC Box
10x6x3.5 CCNB LC Box
11" SB1 Circles
11x6x4 CCNB LC Box
11x8x3.75 6 Corner w/Window
11x8x4 CCNB LC Box
12 ct. Jumbo Insert
12 x 12 x 2.5 CCNB LC Box
12" Gold Scallop Circle
12" Gold Scallop D.W. *B/C* Circles
12" SB1 Circles
12" White Wax Circles
12"-1.75" Plain *B* Pizza Box
12"-1.75" Stock Print *B* Pizza Boxes
12-3/16 X 5.25 Gold DC Pad
12.75x12.75x4 SB1 Deli Box
12.75x12.75x4 Stock Prt Deli
12x12x1.5 CCNB L.C. Pizza Box
12x12x1.5 Stock Print LC
12x12x2 CCNB L.C. Box
12x12x4 CCNB LC Box
12x12x4 SBS S Lock 6 Corner
12x12x5 CCNB LC Box
12x12x6 CCNB LC Box
12x12x7 SB Cake Box FL
12x4 HBW1 Pad
12x9x3 CCNB LC Box (100)
13.5x9.5x3 CCK Beers Tray
13x10.5x3 CCNB Beers Tray
14" HBW1 Circles
14" SB1 Circles
14" White Wax Circles
14"-1.75" Plain *B* Pizza Box
14"-1.75" Stock Print *B* Pizza Boxes
14†Gold Scallop Circle
14.5x10.5x3 B SB1 LC Top
14x10x3 CCNB LC Tray
14x10x3.5 CCK 6 Corner Beers
14x10x4 CCNB LC Box
14x10x4 CCNB LC w/Window
14x10x4 SBS 4 Corner Window box
14x10x5 Special LC Front A
14x10x6 B SB1 LC Bottom
14x14x2 CCNB L.C. Box
14x14x6 CCNB LC Box
15" SB1 Circles
15"-1.75" Plain *B* Pizza Box
15x10.25x2 HBW1/CW1 *B* Tray
15x11x2 CCNB LC Tray
16" Gold Scallop DW Circles
16" HBW DW Circles
16" HBW1 Circles
16" SB1 Circles
16" White Wax Circles
16"-1.75" Plain *B* Pizza Box
16-5/8x16-5/8x4 SB1 Deli Box
16-5/8x16-5/8x4 Stock Prt Deli
16.5x12.25 SB1 Pad
16.5x12.5x11.75 Barn Style
16.75x11-5/8x2.75 CCNB Trays
16x11x2.25 SBS 6 Corner w/Window
16x11x3 CCNB Beers Trays
16x11x3.5 CCK LC Tray
16x16 SB1 Pad
16x16x2 CCNB L.C. Box
16x16x6 CCNB LC Box
16x16x6 E Flute SB1 LC Box
17-7/8x12-7/8x4 HBW1/CW
17x11x2.5 CCNB LC Tray
17x12.5x3.25 2 pc. White Beers
17x13.5x11.25 1C Box-Printed
18" HBW1 Circles
18" SB1 Circles
18"-1.75" Plain *B* Pizza Box
18"-1.75" Stock Print *B* Pizza Boxes
18-5/8x18-5/8x4 Stock Prt Deli
18-7/8x 18-7/8x2.5 Top/18 7
18.5x4x3.5 Auto;Window Portrait
18x13 HBW1 Pad
18x13x2.75 HBW1 Tray
18x13x3 CCNB LC Tray
18x14 SB1 Pad
19.5x14.5x3 SB LC Top
19x14x2.5 SB Cake Box
19x14x4 CCN LC
19X14X4 CCNB Beers Window Lid
19x14x4 SB1 - SB1 Outside
19x14x4 SB1 Box
19x14x4 SBS Auto Window Plain
19x14x4 SUS LC w/Window
19x14x4.5 SBS LC Window Box
19x14x5 Bottom with Window Lid
19x14x6 SB1 Tray-bottom
20" HBW1 Circles
20" SB1 Circles
20x14x4 CCNB LC w/Window
22" HBW1 Circles
22" SB1 Circles
23x16x11 SB1 Plain Turkey Box
23x16x3 CCNB LC Tray
24" HBW1 Circles
24.5X16.5 HBW1 Pad
25-5/8x17-5/8x3 HBW1/CW1 *B*
25-5/8x17-5/8x4 HBW1/CW1 *B*
25-5/8x17-5/8x5 Bottom with Window Lid
25-5/8x17-5/8x5 HBW1/CW1 *B*
25.75x18x2.5 HBW1 Tray
25.75x18x3.5 HBW1 Tray
25.75x18x3.5 SB/LC Tray
26.25x18.25x2 CCNB LC Lid
26.25x18.25x3-3/16 Full Sheet
26.25x18.25x3.18 SBS Beers Window Lid
26.25x18.25x4 SB1 Tray
26.5x18.5x3 B SB1 LC Top
26x18.25x4 CCNB LC Tray
26x18x2.5†Plain*C*Pizza Box
26x18x3 HBW1 Tray
26x18x4 Kraft Cake Box
26x18x4 SB Cake w/Window
26x18x4 SB1 Box
26x18x6 B SB1 LC Bottom
28x18x5 Bottom/28x18x2-1/2 Top
28x18x5 CCNB L.C. Box - Full Sheet
30 ct. Cupcake Insert
5.5x5.5x4 CCNB LC Box
6" -1.75" Plain *E* Pizza Box
6" Gold Scallop Circle 200 pk.
6" HBW1 Circles
6" SB1 Circles
6" White Wax Circles
6x6x2 SBS 4 Corner Auto Window
6x6x2.5 CCNB LC Box
6x6x3 CCNB LC Box
6x6x4 CCNB LC Box
7" -2" Plain *B* Pizza Box
7" HBW1 Circles
7" SB1 Circles
7" Stock Print *B* Pizza Boxes
7" White Wax Circles
7.25x7.25x4.5 SB1
7x7x3 CCNB LC Box
7x7x4 CCNB LC Box
8" Gold Scallop Circle 200 pk
8" Gold Scallop Circle
8" HBW1 Circles
8" Plain SB Pizza Box
8" SB1 Circles
8" White Wax Circles
8"-1.75" Stock Print *B* Pizza Boxes
8x4x4 CCNB LC Box
8x5.5x4 CCNB LC Box
8x8x1.5 CCNB L.C. Pizza Box
8x8x2.5 CCNB LC Box
8x8x2.5 SBS 4 Corner Window Cake
8x8x2.5 w/win Portrait
8x8x3 CCNB LC Box
8x8x4 CCNB LC Box
8x8x5 CCNB LC Box
9 x 9 x 2.5 Bunny with Window
9 x 9 x 2.5 Heart with Window
9 x 9 x 2.5 Pumpkin with Window
9" -1.75" Plain *B* Pizza Box
9" Gold Scallop Circle 200 pk
9" Gold Scallop Circles
9" HBW1 Circles
9" HBW1 Scallop Circles
9" SB1 Circles
9" White Wax Circles
9x4x3.5 SBS 4 Corner w/Window
9x4x3.5 w/win Portrait
9x5x4 CCNB LC Box
9x6x3 CCNB LC Box
9x7x3.5 Auto;Window Portrait
9x9x1.5 CCNB L.C. Pizza Box
9x9x1.5 Stock Print LC
9x9x2 CCNB LC Box
9x9x2.5 CCNB LC Box
9x9x2.5 SBS 4 Corner Window Beers
9x9x2.5 w/win Portrait
9x9x3 CCNB LC Box
9x9x4 CCNB LC Box
9x9x5 CCNB LC Box
9x9x5 SBS 4 Corner Beers Dbl Window
Full Sheet Dblwall HBW1 Pad
Full Sheet Doublewall White Wax Pad
Full Sheet Gold Scallop Dblwal
Full Sheet Gold Scallop Pad
Full Sheet HBW1 D/C Pad
Full Sheet HBW1 Pad
Full Sheet SB1 Pad
Full Sheet White Wax Pad
Full Sheet Window Lid;Protrait

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