Northwire, Inc. Datasheets for Control and Instrumentation Cables

Control and instrumentation cables are used to supply power to devices, such as analytical instruments and process controllers, used in control and instrumentation systems. They are typically designed for specific industrial protocols and are equipped with shielding to prevent electrostatic or electromagnetic interference between the enclosed wires and external fields.
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Product Name Notes
cable rated 11 million bending and torsion cycles
cable rated 12 million bending flex cycles
Rated for 20 million bending and tensional flexing cycles
RFI and EMI protected
Type "TF" is a tough, waterproof TPR jacket offering high environmental performance at an economical cost
UL Listed, CSA approved ITC/PLTC/CMG - Instrument and control wiring for: factory-floor automation equipment, material handling, sensors and transducers, process controls and other applications.