Northwire, Inc. Datasheets for Multiconductor Cables

Multiconductor cables contain two or more conductors. Each conductor consists of a single wire or a combination of wires.
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Product Name Notes
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL123-003
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL123-010
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL124-001
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL143-002
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL143-008
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL162-005
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL162-011
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL163-004
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL163-010
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL164-002
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL164-008
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL182-009
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL183-013
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL184-004
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL185-003
1ft retracted, 5ft extended
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL123-004
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL123-011
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL124-002
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL143-003
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL143-009
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL162-006
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL162-012
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL163-005
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL163-011
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL164-003
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL164-009
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL182-010
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL183-014
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL184-005
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL185-004
2ft retracted, 10ft extended
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL123-005
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL123-012
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL124-003
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL143-004
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL143-010
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL162-007
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL162-013
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL163-006
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL163-012
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL164-004
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL164-010
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL182-011
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL183-015
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL184-006
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL185-005
3ft retracted, 15ft extended
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL123-006
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL123-013
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL124-004
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL143-005
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL143-011
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL162-008
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL162-014
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL163-007
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL163-013
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL164-005
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL164-011
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL182-012
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL183-016
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL184-007
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL185-006
4ft retracted, 20ft extended
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL123-007
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL123-014
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL124-005
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL143-006
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL143-012
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL162-009
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL162-015
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL163-008
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL163-014
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL164-006
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL164-012
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL182-013
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL183-017
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL184-008
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL185-007
5ft retracted, 25ft extended
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL123-008
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL123-015
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL124-006
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL143-007
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL143-013
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL162-010
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL162-016
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL163-009
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL163-015
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL164-007
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL164-013
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL182-014
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL183-018
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL184-009
Retractile (coil) Cord -- FCOIL185-008
6ft retracted, 30ft extended
Dual Rated TC-ER and STOOW -- FTC103-001
Dual Rated TC-ER and STOOW -- FTC104-001
Dual Rated TC-ER and STOOW -- FTC124-001
Dual Rated TC-ER and STOOW -- FTC144-001
Dual Rated STOOW/TC-ER Power Cordage 600V UL 62 Hard Service, Oil Resistant Jacket and Inner Conductors, Outdoor Rated. Also UL 1277 600V Tray Cable
EnduroFLEX ERP -- FTC103-001
EnduroFLEX ERP -- FTC104-001
EnduroFLEX ERP -- FTC123-001
EnduroFLEX ERP -- FTC124-001
EnduroFLEX ERP -- FTC143-001
EnduroFLEX ERP -- FTC144-001
EnduroFLEX ERP -- FTC163-001
EnduroFLEX ERP -- FTC164-001
EnduroFLEX ERP -- FTC183-001
EnduroFLEX ERP -- FTC184-001
EnduroFLEX ERP -- FTC83-001
EnduroFLEX ERP -- FTC84-001
Dual-rated STOOW and TC/Exposed-run, complies with NPFA-79-2002 allowing exposed power trunk and drop cables on machinery when installed in compliance with applicable codes, reduce installation costs by eliminating conduits, can...
Northwire SJEOW Cordage -- FSJE143-01K
Northwire SJEOW Cordage -- FSJE163-81K
Northwire SJEOW Cordage -- FSJE183-81K
Harshest-duty SJEOW power cord rated to 300V, special thermoplastic alloy jacket material, meets or exceeds UL and CSA rating for 105 C SJEOW, maintains excellent flexibility to -50 C, oil-,...
GigE Vision Cable -- FAWM248-034 Industrial-strength TPE outer jacket, highly resistant to oil, abrasion, welding flash, water, and suitable for use outdoors
DeviceNet Special PLTC -- FPLTC224-006
DeviceNet Thick -- FPLTC154C-001
DeviceNet Thin -- FCL224C-007
ODVA Thick and ODVA Thin cables fully comply with ODVA specification
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM182-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM183-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM184-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM185-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM186-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM188-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM2016-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM202-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM203-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM204-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM205-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM206-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM208-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM224-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM225-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM226-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM228-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM243-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM244-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM246-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM248-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM263-001
High Flex-Life Robotics Cable -- FXM264-001
Rated for 20 million bending and tensional flexing cycles
Extreme Environment Load Cell Cable -- FCAB204-070
Extreme Environment Load Cell Cable -- FCAB206-045
RFI and EMI protected
Northwire SJT™ Cord Black Jacket -- FSJT102-01R
Northwire SJT™ Cord Black Jacket -- FSJT103-01R
Northwire SJT™ Cord Black Jacket -- FSJT104-01R
Rugged duty PVC insulated flexible power cord, meets or exceeds UL & CSA ratings for 60°C and 105°C SJT, SJTW, SJTO and SJTOW and is rated to 300V, oil, detergent,...
Northwire ST 600V Power Cord -- FST103-01D
Northwire ST 600V Power Cord -- FST123-01D
Northwire ST 600V Power Cord -- FST124-01D
Northwire ST 600V Power Cord -- FST143-01D
Northwire ST 600V Power Cord -- FST144-01D
Northwire ST 600V Power Cord -- FST163-01D
Northwire ST 600V Power Cord -- FST164-01D
ST/ STOOW PVC Jacketed 600V Power Cordage, UL 62 Hard Service, oil resistant jacket, outdoor rated
CAN bus J-1939 -- FJ1939182-001
CAN bus J-1939 -- FJ1939202-001
Type "TF" is a tough, waterproof TPR jacket offering high environmental performance at an economical cost
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Non-shielded -- FITC183-01D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Non-shielded -- FITC184-01D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Non-shielded -- FITC185-01D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Non-shielded -- FITC186-01D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Non-shielded -- FITC203-01D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Non-shielded -- FITC204-01D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Non-shielded -- FITC205-01D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Non-shielded -- FITC206-01D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Non-shielded -- FITC223-01D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Non-shielded -- FITC224-01D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Non-shielded -- FITC225-01D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Non-shielded -- FITC226-01D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Shielded -- FITC183-02D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Shielded -- FITC184-02D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Shielded -- FITC185-02D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Shielded -- FITC186-02D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Shielded -- FITC203-02D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Shielded -- FITC204-02D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Shielded -- FITC205-02D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Shielded -- FITC206-02D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Shielded -- FITC223-02D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Shielded -- FITC224-02D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Shielded -- FITC225-02D
General Purpose ITC/PLTC Shielded -- FITC226-02D
UL Listed, CSA approved ITC/PLTC/CMG - Instrument and control wiring for: factory-floor automation equipment, material handling, sensors and transducers, process controls and other applications.
DataCELL FIELD PLTC Profibus DP cable -- FPLTC222-005 Violet jacket