Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc. Datasheets for Vibratory Tables

Vibratory tables are table assemblies that are shaken by a vibrator and it is mainly used for fatigue testing, concrete casting, breaking apart, or compaction of media or packaging.  Vibratory tables are also known as vibrating tables or shakeout tables.
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Product Name Notes
Shakeout Table -- Delta Phase®
Shakeouts, Foundry Industry
Carrier Delta-Phase® shakeout machines efficiently shake out castings and reduce sand lump size. Our Delta-Phase shakeouts (patent #5,615,763) use a unique vibratory motion to separate sand from castings, allowing sand...
Vibrating Feeder -- AMPLI-FLOW Model FC
Vibrating Feeder -- AMPLI-FLOW Model FCS
Vibrating Feeder -- AMPLI-FLOW Model FTD
Vibrating Feeder, Foundry Industry
Vibrating Feeder, Mining Industry
Carrier vibrating feeders provide the most efficient and economical method of conveying bulk materials, with the easiest means of controlling feed rate. Natural Frequency Feeders are energy efficient and designed...
No Bake & Flask Shakeout non-conveying shakeouts efficiently shake out castings and reduce sand lump size. These no-bake and flask shakeout machines utilize a vibratory motion to separate the sand from the castings, allowing sand...
Shakeout Table -- Barrel Horse™ The Carrier Barrel Horse™ shakeout machine is a proven one-step solution to casting damage and sand mix problems. Unlike conventional rotary shakeouts, which lift and drop castings, the Barrel Horse...