BNZ Materials, Inc. Datasheets for Bricks

Bricks consist of fired ceramic or cement materials with a rectangular shape.  Different bricks are available for specific applications such firebricks or refractory bricks, acid bricks for flooring and red bricks for masonry applications.
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Product Name Notes
Insulating Fire Brick -- BNZ-32 Alternative to bubble alumina brick in many high temp applications
High-Alumina Brick -- Tata-CB
High-Alumina Brick -- Tata-HIAL-50
Anode baking furnace applications
ZelieBlok 2000 Asbestos free, high temperature calcium silicate insulation
Insulating Fire Brick -- BNZ-3000 ASTM grade 30 brick, applications such as strip annealing furnaces
High-Alumina Brick -- Tata-62D Blast furnace bottom applications
High-Alumina Brick -- Tata-Mul-70 Blast furnace stove checkers, glass tank regenerator checker applications
High-Alumina Brick -- Tata-62 Checkers for blast furnace stove applications
PA Series -- PA-26 Excellent density, strength & temperature stability
Insulating Fire Brick -- BNZ-23 Excellent service in suspended arch designs under cycling conditions
High-Alumina Brick -- Tata-HIAL-59 For anode baking furnace applications
High-Alumina Brick -- Tata-55D For blast furnace hearth, glass tank furnace applications
High-Alumina Brick -- Tata-45D For blast furnace, cement rotary kiln, glass tank furnace applications
High-Alumina Brick -- Tata-CHL For chlorinator applications
Insulating Fire Brick -- Calor 26
Insulating Fire Brick -- Calor 26 B
General purpose, for anode baking furnaces & glass melting tank insulation
Insulating Fire Brick -- RI 23 High melting point, used for glass furnace insulation & general furnace use
Insulating Fire Brick -- BNZ-23 HS High strength ASTM grade 23 for high strength applications
PA Series -- PA-20 Low density brick, low conductivity & low thermal mass applications
Insulating Fire Brick -- BNZ-20 Low density to meet ASTM grade 20, low reheat shrinkage meets ASTM grade 23
PA Series -- PA-23 Low reheat shrinkage, suited for reheating & annealing furnaces
Insulating Fire Brick -- BNZ-26-60 Meets all requirements of an ASTM C 155 class 26 IFB
High-Alumina Brick -- Tata-95
High-Alumina Brick -- Tata-98
High-Alumina Brick -- Tata-99T
Secondary steel-making vessel, chemical, petrochemical & fertilizer ind.
Silica Brick -- Tata SCS Silica bricks for coke oven sole
Silica Brick -- Tata SCW Silica bricks for coke oven wall, regenerator & oven top
Silica Brick -- Tata SD
Silica Brick -- Tata SD (G)
Silica Brick -- Tata SD (G) SPL
Silica Brick -- Tata SNR
Silica Brick -- Tata SOG
Silica bricks for glass & other industries
Silica Brick -- Tata SCW (SPL) KD
Silica Brick -- Tata SCW (SPL) KN
Silica Brick -- Tata SCW (SPL) KS
Silica Brick -- Tata SCW (SPL) STD
Special silica bricks for coke oven as per DIN specification
Insulating Fire Brick -- BNZ-25 Specialty grade
Insulating Fire Brick -- BNZ-24 Specialty grade, low density & low conductivity
Insulating Fire Brick -- C-22 Z Specialty grade, normally specified in load bearing applications
Insulating Fire Brick -- BNZ-26 HS Specialty grade, very high strength and superior thermal shock resistance
Insulating Fire Brick -- BNZ-26 Standard ASTM grade 23
Insulating Fire Brick -- BNZ-28 Standard ASTM grade 28
Insulating Fire Brick -- Calor B Stronger, denser version of the Calor A
Insulating Fire Brick -- Calor A Traditional Grade 25 IFB for furnace & kiln applications
Insulating Fire Brick -- Calor CA Used for aluminum reduction cells & for general insulation
Insulating Fire Brick -- RI 23 B Used for anode baking furnaces worldwide