Tnemec Company, Inc. Datasheets for Architectural Coatings

Architectural coatings include paints, sealers, and specialty coatings for floors, roofs, walls, ceilings, decks, pavement, walkways, concrete surfaces, and other building and construction applications.
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Product Name Notes
Deco-Clear® -- Series 284 A clear finish for decorative flooring systems
Satinglaze® -- Series 285 A clear finish with an orange peel texture for diffusing light
Deco-clear® CR -- Series 286 A clear novolac finish for decorative flooring systems
Endura-Shield® II -- Series 1074
Endura-Shield® II -- Series 1075
A coating highly resistant to abrasion, wet conditions, and weathering
Deco-Tread® -- Series 222 A decorative broadcast or slurry broadcast laminated floor-topping system
Bio-Lastic® -- Series 158 A durable coating specially formulated to resist mildew on the paint film
Power-Tread FC® -- Series 238 A fast-cure, multi-purpose, broadcast, slurry broadcast or mortar
Terra-Tread™ FC -- Series 205 A fast-cure, versatile coating
Stranlok® ML -- Series 273 A fiberglass mat reinforced coatings system for walls and ceilings
Tneme-Glaze -- Series 280 A glaze-like corrosion resistant coating for walls, ceilings, floors
HydroFlon® -- Series 700
HydroFlon® -- Series 701
A gloss fluorourethane exterior finish especially designed for tanks
Fluoronar® -- Series 1070
Fluoronar® -- Series 1071
Fluoronar® -- Series 1072
Fluoronar® Clear -- Series 1076
A gloss high-solids Flouropolymer coating
Tneme-Glaze -- Series 281 A high gloss, glaze-like coating for concrete floors
Even-Flow SL® -- Series 210 A high gloss, high build, self-leveling epoxy topping for concrete floors
Versatone -- Series 82HS A high solids, single component, silicone-alkyd finish coat
Ceramlon ENV -- Series 84 A high-build, ceramic-like coating that provides excellent protection
MortarClad™ -- Series 218 A high-performance, aggregate reinforced material for surfacing
MortarCast™ -- Series 219 A high-performance, aggregate reinforced, cementitious epoxy
Stranlok® -- Series 270 A high-performance, fiberglass-reinforced wall coating
Fluoronar® Metallic -- Series 1078 A high-solids Flouropolymer coating
ChemTread® -- Series 239SC A highly chemical resistant, resin for secondary containment systems
Tneme-Glaze -- Series 282 A highly chemical- and solvent-resistant colored novolac glaze coating
Enviro-Pox® -- Series 287 A low odor, rapid cure, wear-resistant coating
Ultra-Tread® V -- Series 243 A low-odor mortar designed for troweling vertical surfaces
Deco-Trowel® -- Series 223 A mortar floor-topping system installed at 3/16” to 1/4” thickness
Power-Tread® -- Series 237SC A multi-purpose resin for secondary containment systems
Power-Tread® -- Series 237 A multi-purpose, broadcast, slurry broadcast or mortar
Filler and Surfacer -- Series 63-1500 A non-shrinking, trowel-grade filler and surfacer for concrete or steel
Phylon -- Series 624
Phylon® 1422 -- Series 620
Phylon® WB -- Series 621
A non-yellowing, acrylic coating that highlights the color of masonry
PerimePrime® -- Series 394
Silicone Aluminum -- Series 394
A one-component, moisture-cured, iron oxide and zinc filled primer
Conformal Stain -- Series 607
Conformal Stain WB -- Series 617
A penetrating, solvent-based masonry stain for horizontal concrete
Endura-Shield® -- Series 73 A semi-gloss polyurethane coating highly resistant to abrasion
Endura-Shield® -- Series 1080
Endura-Shield® -- Series 1081
A semi-gloss waterborne polyurethane coating
Omnithane® -- Series 1 A single component, moisture-cured resin
Hydro-Zinc™ -- Series 94-H20 A single-component, moisture-cured, zinc-rich primer
Perma-Glaze® -- Series 435
Perma-Shield® FR -- Series 436
A thick film, 100% solids, spray-applied, abrasion-resistant coating
Hydro-Zinc™ -- Series 91-H20 A two-component, moisture-cured, zinc-rich primer
Endura-Clear® -- Series 76 A unique high-gloss urethane clear coat
Endura-Clear® -- Series 76-763 A unique satin urethane clear coat
Endura-Clear® -- Series 76-762 A unique semi-gloss urethane clear coat
Hi-Build Epoxoline II -- Series L69 A versatile low VOC epoxy for protection of steel and concrete
Uni-Bond DF -- Series 115 A waterborne coating that can be used in many environments
Omnithane® -- Series 530 Aluminum pigmented primer or finish for marginally cleaned steel
Enduralume® -- Series 1077 An acrylic polyurethane finish coat that contains an aluminum pigment
Hi-Build Epoxoline II -- Series L69F
Hi-Build Epoxoline II -- Series N69
Hi-Build Epoxoline II -- Series N69F
An advanced generation epoxy for protection of steel and concrete
Pota-Pox® 100 -- Series 22 An advanced generation high-build epoxy for steel and concrete
Perma-Shield® MCU -- Series 446 An advanced technology moisture-cured, hydrocarbon-modified coating
Spra-Saf EN® -- Series 30 An advanced technology, direct-to-metal coating
Tneme-Zinc -- Series 90-1K97
Tneme-Zinc -- Series 90-97
Tneme-Zinc -- Series H90-97
An advanced technology, single-component, moisture-cured, zinc-rich primer
Chrome Aluminum -- Series 43-36 Bright metallic aluminum finish for protection against weather
Elasto-Shield® -- Series 262 Chemical- and abrasion-resistant elastomeric membrane
Tnemec Primer -- Series 10
Tnemec Primer -- Series V10
Chemically active, rust-inhibitive primer for ferrous metals
Conformal Clear -- Series 625 Conformal Clear is a penetrating, solvent-based masonry coating
W.B. Tneme-Crete® -- Series 180
W.B. Tneme-Crete® -- Series 181
Decorative, smooth textured coating
Clear CRU -- Series 294 Durable chemical-resistant clear urethane floor coating
Envirofill® -- Series 130 Exceptional filling capabilities for interior/exterior porous concrete
Clear CRU -- Series 295 Extremely hard, chemical-resistant clear urethane floor coating
CRU -- Series 291 Extremely hard, chemical-resistant polyurethane floor coating
CRU -- Series 290 Extremely hard, chemical-resistant urethane coating
Pota-Pox® (Fast Cure) -- Series FC20 Fast-curing protective coating for use in steel and concrete water storage
Azeron H.S. Primer -- Series 88HS Fast-dry, lead- and chromate-free, rust-inhibitive shop primer
Stranlok® -- Series 275 Fiber-reinforced coating for protection against acids
Sub-Flex EP™ -- Series 206 Flexible epoxy underlayment for bridging small substrate cracks
Elasto-Shield® -- Series 264 Flexible liner providing a seamless monolithic membrane
Tneme-Tape -- Series 152 Flexible tape provides reinforcement for coatings
Enviro-Crete® -- Series 156
Enviro-Crete® -- Series 157
Flexible, breathable coating primarily for concrete and masonry
Silicone Aluminum -- Series 39 Heat-resistant aluminum coating providing protection for ferrous metals
Hi-Build Tnemec-Gloss -- Series 2H High gloss industrial enamel offering good flow
H.B. Tneme-Tufcoat -- Series 113
H.B. Tneme-Tufcoat -- Series 114
High performance semi-gloss coating suitable for concrete
Epoxoline -- Series 141 High solids coating which offers high-build edge protection
Chembuild® -- Series 135 High-build coating with superior wetting
Hi-Build Tneme-Tar® -- Series 46H-413 High-build corrosion resistant coating providing one coat protection
Elasto-Shield® -- Series 400 High-performance, polyurea elastomer, multi-purpose liner
Epoxoprime® -- Series 201 High-solids moisture tolerant epoxy used for priming concrete
ChemTread® -- Series 239 Highly chemical and heat-resistant, broadcast, slurry broadcast or mortar
Endura-Shield -- Series 175 Highly resistant to abrasion, corrosive fumes, & chemical contact
Perma-Shield H2S™ -- Series 434 Hybrid epoxy mortar is designed for wastewater immersion/fume environments
Tneme-Cryl® -- Series 6 Industrial grade, water-based coating with excellent color retention
Hi-Build Epoxoline -- Series 66 Industry standard for epoxy coatings for over 30 years
Pota-Pox® -- Series 20 Industry standard for potable water epoxy coatings for nearly 30 years
Pota-Pox® Plus -- Series N140
Pota-Pox® Plus -- Series N140F
Innovative potable water coating which offers high-build edge protection
Chem-Prime H.S. -- Series 37H Lead- and chromate-free, fast-drying, corrosion-resistant primer
Enviro-Glaze™ -- Series 297
Enviro-Glaze™ -- Series V297
Low odor, fast dry, low VOC, waterborne polyurethane coating
Tneme-Fascure -- Series 161 Low temperature-cure, corrosion-resistant coating for abrasion protection
Elasto-Grip® FC -- Series 151-1051 Penetrating, flexible and low-odor primer
Tneme Zinc -- Series 90E-92 Self-curing, primer/finish with tenacious bonding and abrasion resistance
Tneme-Zinc -- Series 90E-92 Self-curing, primer/finish, tenacious bonding, abrasion resistance quality
Fine Masonry Filler -- Series 54-562 Single component, high-performance coating for filling surface
Vinester® -- Series 120-5001 Superior protection against organic and inorganic acids
Tneme-Liner -- Series 61 Tightly cross-linked epoxy with excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
Vinester® F & S -- Series 120-5003 Trowel grade filler and surfacer for concrete
Elasto-Shield® TG -- Series 265 Trowel-grade compound for use with Elasto-Shield products
Elasto-Shield® -- Series 406 Two-component, fast setting, monolithic coating
Ultra-Tread® M -- Series 244
Ultra-Tread® S -- Series 245
Ultra-Tread S is a low odor, slurry applied floor topping
H.B Tnemecol -- Series 46-465 Versatile coal tar coating for use in immersion
H.S. Epoxy -- Series 104 Versatile coating applies up to 10 mils per coat on steel or concrete
Pota-Pox® Plus -- Series L140
Pota-Pox® Plus -- Series L140F
Versatile epoxy coating for protection and finishing of steel
F.C. Typoxy® -- Series 27 Versatile low-temperature coating ideally suited for steel fabrication
Enduratone® -- Series 1028
Enduratone® -- Series 1029
Water-based, low VOC, high dispersion pure acrylic polymer coating