Tnemec Company, Inc. Datasheets for Primers and Adhesion Promoters

Primers and adhesion promoters are applied to a substrate to enhance the bond strength between a surface coating (e.g., clear coats, adhesives) and the substrate.
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Product Name Notes
Deco-Tread® -- Series 222 A decorative broadcast or slurry broadcast laminated floor-topping system
Power-Tread FC® -- Series 238 A fast-cure, multi-purpose, broadcast, slurry broadcast or mortar
Terra-Tread™ FC -- Series 205 A fast-cure, versatile coating
Enviro-Pox® -- Series 287 A low odor, rapid cure, wear-resistant coating
Power-Tread® -- Series 237 A multi-purpose, broadcast, slurry broadcast or mortar
PerimePrime® -- Series 394 A one-component, moisture-cured, iron oxide and zinc filled primer
Omnithane® -- Series 1 A single component, moisture-cured resin
Hydro-Zinc™ -- Series 94-H20 A single-component, moisture-cured, zinc-rich primer
Hydro-Zinc™ -- Series 91-H20 A two-component, moisture-cured, zinc-rich primer
Hi-Build Epoxoline II -- Series L69 A versatile low VOC epoxy for protection of steel and concrete
Uni-Bond DF -- Series 115 A waterborne coating that can be used in many environments
Omnithane® -- Series 530 Aluminum pigmented primer or finish for marginally cleaned steel
Hi-Build Epoxoline II -- Series L69F
Hi-Build Epoxoline II -- Series N69
Hi-Build Epoxoline II -- Series N69F
An advanced generation epoxy for protection of steel and concrete
Tneme-Zinc -- Series 90-1K97
Tneme-Zinc -- Series 90-97
Tneme-Zinc -- Series H90-97
An advanced technology, single-component, moisture-cured, zinc-rich primer
Tnemec Primer -- Series 10
Tnemec Primer -- Series V10
Chemically active, rust-inhibitive primer for ferrous metals
Pota-Pox® (Fast Cure) -- Series FC20 Fast-curing protective coating for use in steel and concrete water storage
Azeron H.S. Primer -- Series 88HS Fast-dry, lead- and chromate-free, rust-inhibitive shop primer
Chembuild® -- Series 135 High-build coating with superior wetting
Epoxoprime® -- Series 201 High-solids moisture tolerant epoxy used for priming concrete
Hi-Build Epoxoline -- Series 66 Industry standard for epoxy coatings for over 30 years
Pota-Pox® -- Series 20 Industry standard for potable water epoxy coatings for nearly 30 years
Chem-Prime H.S. -- Series 37H Lead- and chromate-free, fast-drying, corrosion-resistant primer
Tneme-Fascure -- Series 161 Low temperature-cure, corrosion-resistant coating for abrasion protection
Elasto-Grip® FC -- Series 151-1051 Penetrating, flexible and low-odor primer
Tneme Zinc -- Series 90E-92 Self-curing, primer/finish with tenacious bonding and abrasion resistance
Tneme-Zinc -- Series 90E-92 Self-curing, primer/finish, tenacious bonding, abrasion resistance quality
H.B Tnemecol -- Series 46-465 Versatile coal tar coating for use in immersion
Pota-Pox® Plus -- Series L140
Pota-Pox® Plus -- Series L140F
Versatile epoxy coating for protection and finishing of steel
F.C. Typoxy® -- Series 27 Versatile low-temperature coating ideally suited for steel fabrication