Arcelor Mittal USA Datasheets for Rolled Metals and Drawn Metals

Rolled metals and drawn metals are metals and alloys that are rolled into sheets, plates, strips, foils, bars, rods, or other shapes. Rolling and drawing are the two different processes used to create these shapes.
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Product Name Notes
Cold Rolled Sheet -- Dual Phase Achieves high strength levels through the generation of martensite
Cold Rolled Sheet -- Commercial Steel Applications in which simple bending or moderate forming is used
Cold Rolled Sheet -- Full Hard Steel Applications where formability beyond limited bending or mild roll-forming
Cold Rolled Sheet -- AccuNamel Continuously annealed cold rolled sheet suitable for porcelain enameling
Cold Rolled Sheet -- Accuform Steel Covers sheet steel in coils and cut lengths for porcelain enameling
Cold Rolled Sheet -- Drawing Steel Ductile and formable as may be seen by the typical mechanical properties
Cold Rolled Sheet -- Bake Hardenable Good formability during press stamping operations
Cold Rolled Sheet -- Intermediate Temper Steel Guarantees hardness ranges via combination of chemical analysis
Hot Rolled Sheet -- High Strength Low-Alloy Steel Have a low carbon for weldability improvement
Cold Rolled Sheet -- Deep Drawing Steel Higher level of formability in both drawing and stretching operations
Hot Rolled Sheet -- 1035 Hot rolled sheet stainless steel product
Cold Rolled Sheet -- High Strength Low-Alloy Steel Improved formability over those ordered as structural quality
Hot Rolled Sheet -- Carbon Steel
Hot Rolled Sheet -- Commercial Steel
Intended for applications involving simple bending or moderate forming
Hot Rolled Sheet -- Pressure Vessel Steel Material is used to fabricate pressure vessels
Cold Rolled Sheet -- Structural Steel One or more mechanical property values must be guaranteed
Hot Rolled Sheet -- Drawing Steel Optimizes formability, properly established breakage allowances
Hot Rolled Sheet -- Structural Steel Supplied as a plain carbon steel with higher levels of carbon and manganese
Cold Rolled Sheet -- Stress Relieve Uses a low temperature annealing treatment
Cold Rolled Sheet -- Extra Deep Drawing Steel Work hardens rapidly, excellent formability