Spectrum Microwave Datasheets for Frequency Discriminators

Frequency discriminators are RF or microwave devices that are used to detect a signal with a particular frequency.
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Product Name Notes
Digital Frequency Discriminator -- Model FDFD7409-1 Applications: Electronic Counter Measurers, Signal Intelligence, Radar Warning Receivers, Capture of Single RF Pulse Events, Identification of Frequency Agile Radar. Features: High Accuracy, High Resolution, Low Power, Short RF Pulse...
Digital Frequency Discriminator -- Model FDFD7678-1 FEATURES: Broadband frequency coverage, High resolution, Low power consumption
Frequency Activity Detector -- FDFD6420-1 FEATURES: Coarse Frequency Measurement, Fast Throughput Time, Operation at Low S/Nm, Programmable Threshold, Selectable Video Bandwidth, Low Power Dissipation
Digital Frequency Discriminator -- Model FDFD6850-1 FEATURES: High resolution, Small size, Low power, Light weight, High accuracy
Digital Frequency Discriminator -- Model FDFD7409-4 The FDFD7409-4 digital frequency discriminator (DFD) is a complete 2-18 GHz IFM subsystem with integrated pulse processor. Our newest offering adds pulse processing for narrow pulse widths providing amplitude information...