Control Instruments Corp. Datasheets for Combustion Analyzers

Combustion analyzers and flue gas analyzers measure the gas content of emissions in order to monitor the combustion efficiency of fuel-burning equipment.
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Product Name Notes
BTU Calorific Analyzer -- Model 690 Control Instruments' CalorVal BTU Analyzer is a micro-combustion calorimeter. Because of its unique construction and operating technology, it is the optimum analyzer for directly measuring the total heating value of...
Infrared Vapor Flamability Analyzer -- SNR610 For flammable gas monitoring in relatively clean, low temperature, low concentration applications. It’s suitable for single or select solvent ranges and can also be used for mixtures of solvents in...
Vapor Flammability Analyzer -- SNR671
Vapor Flammability Analyzer -- SNR672
Vapor Flammability Analyzer -- SNR674
Vapor Flammability Analyzer -- SNR675
The PrevEx is our flammability analyzer for lower flammable limit monitoring (LFL/LEL). Fast: Less than one-second response time Universal: Gives consistent and reliable readings even when faced with multiple or...