SignalQuest, Inc. Datasheets for Accelerometers

Accelerometers are instruments for measuring, displaying, and analyzing acceleration and vibration.
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Product Name Notes
2 and 3 axis, serial output, calibrated, 1.7 g, 5 g, 18 g, 35 g, 50 g, 70 g Description The acceleration sensor module performs calibrated acceleration measurement with digital...
Environmental protection IP65, IP67, IP68 with industry standard interfaces. Description Accelerometer (XLD) Shock Sensor (SHK) Vibration Sensor (SVS) Inclinometer (SI and SI2X) Programmable Tilt Switch (PTS) Function CAN2.0A/B J1939 CANOpen...
RoHS compliant, lead-free SMD package Description The SQ-ASx series act like acceleration sensitive switches that open or close when accelerated past an acceleration threshold. Function On / off shock &