Dukane Datasheets for Plastic Welding and Assembly Equipment

Plastic welders consist of torches, ultrasonic welding equipment, heat guns, hot rod welders, RF or dielectric welders, and hot plate welders used to join thermoplastic materials.
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Product Name Notes
Horizontal Hot Plate Welder -- Model HHB 1223P All pneumatic operation, touch screen interface, digital timing
Non-Orientating Spin Welder -- Model SVB031
Non-Orientating Spin Welder -- Model SVB051
Computer controlled motor, digital rpm settings, dynamic brake option
ServoWeld™ Spin Welder -- Model SVT012R
ServoWeld™ Spin Welder -- Model SVT032R
ServoWeld™ Spin Welder -- Model SVT042R
High precision servo spin drive with orientation accuracy, RS-232
EZ Welder™ -- Model 1000EZ
EZ Welder™ -- Model 1000EZX
EZ Welder™ -- Model 2000EZ
EZ Welder™ -- Model 2000EZX
Hot keys for quick programming of weld control, visual & audible alarms
DPC Series -- Model 220 Press/thruster, compact single rail linear ball slide assembly
DPC Series -- Model 215 Press/thruster, heavy duty precision slide assembly, rugged construction
DPC Series -- Model 340 Press/thruster, low mass high precision transducer slide assembly
DPC Series -- Model 405 Remote thruster assembly, narrow profile, rugged construction
Vibration Welder -- Model VWB3500 Rigid 4 rail table slide system, solid state 15hp digital vibration drive
Vibration Welder -- Model VWB3700 Rigid 4 rail table slide system, solid state 20hp digital vibration drive
Rotary Welding System -- Model 20RM Series Two types of actuators: motor driven and free rotation, heavy duty actuator
Vibration Welder -- Model VWB3900 Ultra rigid table structure guided by 4 dovetail slides, 30hp digital drive