BLM GROUP USA Corporation Datasheets for Tube and Pipe Bending Machines

Tube and Pipe Bending Machines are used to bend or coil metal pipe or tubing to a desired radius.
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Product Name Notes
E-Turn Series -- ET32
E-Turn Series -- ET35
E-Turn Series -- ET40
E-Turn Series -- ET52
Fully electric bending machine, with right and left bending in process and 3D graphic visual programming (VGP3D) Some features of E-TURN fully electric machine: No mechanical adjustment is needed In-process...
800VGP Series -- 832VPG
800VGP Series -- 842VGP
800VGP Series -- 863VPG
800VGP Series -- 880VGP
CNC tube benders, available in right or left bending configuration and optionally equipped with automatic loading and unloading, variable radius bending facility and in line punching stations Controlled and programmed...
DH Series -- DH2008
DH Series -- DH2010
DH Series -- DH2014
DH Series -- DH2030
Equipped with two bidirectional bending heads (clockwise and counter-clockwise) with variable radius feature, DH2010VGP doubles productivity rates and bends in one cycle even complex wire and/or tube shapes both with...
ELECT XL Series -- ELECT 100
ELECT XL Series -- ELECT 130
ELECT XL Series -- ELECT 150
Fully electric (12 axes) tube bending with 3D visual programming software (VGP3D). The machine can be freely and quickly switched into right-hand or left-hand configuration, for tubes up to 150...
ELECT Series -- ELECT 40
ELECT Series -- ELECT 52
ELECT Series -- ELECT 63
ELECT Series -- ELECT 80
Fully electric CNC tube bending machine for tubes with OD 80 mm, 9 axis with 3D visual graphic programming (VGP3D) Features: multiradii (up to 8 tools) bend head with left...
Tube Bending Machine -- SMART SMART is the new all-electric (8 axes) tube bending machine with 3D visual programming software (VGP3D), SMART meets the following requirements: Can be freely and quickly switched into right-hand or...
Machining Center -- PLANET The benefit of this combined working process, is the ability to incorporate different working operations in a single and specific production process i.e. straightening, end-forming, de-burring, bending and cut-off. The...