PENCOM Datasheets for Studs

Studs are mechanical fasteners which are threaded on one or both ends. One end is secured to an object. The other end is used typically with a nut.
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Product Name Notes
Broaching -- SG*-1032
Broaching -- SG*-440
Broaching -- SG*-632
Broaching -- SG*-832
Broaching -- SG*-M3
Broaching -- SG*-M4
Broaching -- SG*-M5
Self-Clinching Concealed-Head -- SA*-1032
Self-Clinching Concealed-Head -- SA*-440
Self-Clinching Concealed-Head -- SA*-632
Self-Clinching Concealed-Head -- SA*-832
Self-Clinching Concealed-Head -- SA*-M3
Self-Clinching Concealed-Head -- SA*-M4
Self-Clinching Concealed-Head -- SA*-M5
Self-Clinching, Flush Head -- SE*-1032
Self-Clinching, Flush Head -- SE*-256
Self-Clinching, Flush Head -- SE*-440
Self-Clinching, Flush Head -- SE*-632
Self-Clinching, Flush Head -- SE*-832
Self-Clinching, Flush Head -- SE*-M2.5
Self-Clinching, Flush Head -- SE*-M3
Self-Clinching, Flush Head -- SE*-M3.5
Self-Clinching, Flush Head -- SE*-M4
Self-Clinching, Flush Head -- SE*-M5
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head -- SB*-0420
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head -- SB*-0518
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head -- SB*-1024
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head -- SB*-1032
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head -- SB*-256
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head -- SB*-440
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head -- SB*-632
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head -- SB*-832
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head -- SB*-M2.5
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head -- SB*-M3
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head -- SB*-M3.5
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head -- SB*-M4
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head -- SB*-M5
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head -- SB*-M6
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head -- SB*-M8
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Dog Point -- SBD*-0420
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Dog Point -- SBD*-1024
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Dog Point -- SBD*-1032
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Dog Point -- SBD*-3118
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Dog Point -- SBD*-632
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Dog Point -- SBD*-832
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Dog Point -- SBD*-M3.5
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Dog Point -- SBD*-M4
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Dog Point -- SBD*-M5
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Dog Point -- SBD*-M6
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Dog Point -- SBD*-M8
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Large Head -- SF*-0420
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Large Head -- SF*-0518
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Large Head -- SF*-1032
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Large Head -- SF*-M5
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Large Head -- SF*-M6
Self-Clinching, Flush-Head, Large Head -- SF*-M8
Self-Clinching, High-Strength -- SD*-0420
Self-Clinching, High-Strength -- SD*-0518
Self-Clinching, High-Strength -- SD*-0616
Self-Clinching, High-Strength -- SD*-1032
Self-Clinching, High-Strength -- SD*-M10
Self-Clinching, High-Strength -- SD*-M5
Self-Clinching, High-Strength -- SD*-M6
Self-Clinching, High-Strength -- SD*-M8
Self-Clinching, High-Strength, Dog Point -- SDD*-0420
Self-Clinching, High-Strength, Dog Point -- SDD*-0518
Self-Clinching, High-Strength, Dog Point -- SDD*-0616
Self-Clinching, High-Strength, Dog Point -- SDD*-1032
Self-Clinching, High-Strength, Dog Point -- SDD*-M10
Self-Clinching, High-Strength, Dog Point -- SDD*-M5
Self-Clinching, High-Strength, Dog Point -- SDD*-M6
Self-Clinching, High-Strength, Dog Point -- SDD*-M8
Self-Clinching, Non-Flush Head, -- SC*-1024
Self-Clinching, Non-Flush Head, -- SC*-1032
Self-Clinching, Non-Flush Head, -- SC*-265
Self-Clinching, Non-Flush Head, -- SC*-440
Self-Clinching, Non-Flush Head, -- SC*-632
Self-Clinching, Non-Flush Head, -- SC*-832
Self-Clinching, Non-Flush Head, -- SC*-M3
Self-Clinching, Non-Flush Head, -- SC*-M4
Self-Clinching, Non-Flush Head, -- SC*-M5
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