Fifield, Inc. Datasheets for Industrial Fabrics

Industrial fabrics consist of woven or non-woven cloth made from natural or synthetic materials.
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Product Name Notes
A premier leatherette, Elite is soft, supple, delicate and elegant. Its elasticity allows it to be used in a variety of high-end products and in displays and packaging
An economical velvet substitute on a nonwoven base. Fi-Vel® Non Woven is ideal for gluing to flat surfaces
Created by Fifield in 1994, Vienna™ is an elegant leatherette product offered in 26 different colors and nine textures. Extremely resistant to light, Vienna colors do not fade, even after...
Fifield's™ Economy Kraft velvet has a flocked surface, is very sturdy and features a paper backing that is easy to cut and paste. End use: Separator, inserts, liner, easel back,...
Rich-Vel™ is a cost effective replacement for velvet and is stocked in five colors. The fabric can be easily glued, sewn, hot stamped and screen printed.
The Inspirations Collection was introduced by Fifield in the Fall of 2009. It features two metallic textures, Linea and Shimmer. Linea has a pin sketch pattern and Shimmer has a...