Tecsia Lubricants USA Datasheets for Industrial Greases

Industrial greases are thickened gels that consist of natural, synthetic, or semi-synthetic substances. They do not run off surfaces and are used in a variety of lubrication, sealing, and exclusion applications.
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Product Name Notes
Open Gear Grease -- G.Beslux Crown H-0
Open Gear Grease -- G.Beslux Crown H-3000
Open Gear Grease -- G.Beslux Crown M Fluid
Open Gear Grease -- SOG 3000SOG 3000ASOG 3000B
Open Gear Grease -- SOG 600
Open Gear Grease -- SOG 800
Open Gear Grease -- SOG 800/2
In some cases, it is impractical to build an oil tight casing around the gear set to allow use of a fluid lubricant. This situation occurs most often with large...
Valve Greases -- G.Beslux Bessil EH 000G.Beslux BessilEH 00
Valve Greases -- G.Beslux Bessil EH 1
Valve Greases -- G.Beslux Bessil EH 3
Lubrication and sealing becomes more critical in applications such as water taps, o-rings, gas valves, gate valves, fittings, ceramic cartridges, single level mixer, and more. Tecsia Lubricants offers various type...
Couplings Lubricant -- SCG 100S
Couplings Lubricant -- SCG 50S
Tecsia Lubricants offers coupling greases that are specially formulated to resist high centrifugal forces associated with all applications, including slow or high speeds. BrandsProductsThickening AgentNLGIFeatures SCG 50SLi/Ca2Prevent wears of metal...