SDI Datasheets for Industrial Tapes

Industrial tapes are used for adhesive bonding, thread sealing, masking, packaging, wrapping, electrical insulation, ESD control and other specialized applications.
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Product Name Notes
Adhesive Rolls Adhesive Rolls are made with a bleached paper liner coated with a custom formulated adhesive and wound on a 3 in. (76mm) or 6 in. (152mm) diameter core. Sizes range...
Mini-Tak Mini-Tak is made of a unique adhesive coating that stops particles from becoming airborne during cleaning. The lightweight construction and simple handle causes less fatigue during the cleaning process and...
Sealant Tapes -- STAPE-1
Sealant Tapes -- STAPE-2
Sealant Tapes -- STAPE-3
Sealant Tapes -- STAPE-4
Sealant Tapes -- STAPE-5
Sealant Tapes are used for most vacuum assisted laminating processes and autoclave applications and are compatible with most bagging films, providing maximum bag sealing security. Available in 1/2 in. x...