Hex Valve Datasheets for Steam Valves

Steam valves are used to control the flow and pressure level of steam and heated water vapor.
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Product Name Notes
HB52 Series -- HB521*3*3*21
HB52 Series -- HB521*4*3*21
Bleed tee
HB24 Series -- HB251*112
HB24 Series -- HB251*212
HB24 Series -- HB251*312
HB24 Series -- HB251*412
Bleed valve, hex nut handle, directional tube
HB24 Series -- HB261*112
HB24 Series -- HB261*212
HB24 Series -- HB261*312
HB24 Series -- HB261*412
Bleed valve, hex nut handle, no tube
HB27 Series -- HB271*1122
HB27 Series -- HB271*1122
Bleed valve, mini packed bonnet, directional tube
HB24 Series -- HB241*112
HB24 Series -- HB241*212
HB24 Series -- HB241*312
HB24 Series -- HB241*412
Bleed valve, T-handle, directional tube
HB50 Series -- HB50**1*1*413
HB50 Series -- HB50**3*3*413
HB50 Series -- HB50**4*3*413
HB50 Series -- HB50**5*3*413
Block and bleed needle valve
HG35 Series -- HG351*3*3*413 Block and bleed/gauge needle valve
HN39 Series -- HN39FM - 1
HN39 Series -- HN39FM - 2
HN39 Series -- HN39FM - 3
HN39 Series -- HN39FM - 4
HN39 Series -- HN39FM - 6
Compact and economical high pressure instrument valve
HN29 Series -- HN291S-22MF-R
HN29 Series -- HN291S-2F-R
Gas sampling needle valve, knurled handles, teflon packing
HN29 Series -- HN291S-22MF
HN29 Series -- HN291S-2F
HN29 Series -- HN291S-44MF
HN29 Series -- HN291S-4F
Gas sampling needle valve, T-handles, teflon packing
HG48 Series -- HG48**3*3*413
HG48 Series -- HG48**4*3*413
Gauge needle valve
PG48 Series -- PG481*3*3*413
PG48 Series -- PG481*4*3*413
Gauge needle valve for power industry
HN49 Series -- HN49**1*1*413
HN49 Series -- HN49**3*3*413
HN49 Series -- HN49**4*4*413
HN49 Series -- HN49**5*5*413
Heavy duty, industrial strength stem and bonnet, high pressure
HT03 Series -- HT031*3*3*213
HT03 Series -- HT031*4*3*213
High temperature globe valve
HT01 Series -- HT011*3*3*213
HT01 Series -- HT011*4*3*213
High temperature globe valve, angle
HB59 Series -- HB59**3*3*413
HB59 Series -- HB59**4*3*413
Integral block and bleed valve
PB59 Series -- PB591*3*3*413
PB59 Series -- PB591*4*3*413
Integral block and bleed valve for power industry
HG46 Series -- HG46**3*3*413
HG46 Series -- HG46**4*3*413
OS&Y gauge valve
PG46 Series -- PG461*3*3*413
PG46 Series -- PG461*4*3*413
OS&Y gauge valve for power industry
HG47 Series -- HG471*3*3*423
HG47 Series -- HG471*4*3*423
OS&Y roddable gauge valve, field replaceable seat
PG47 Series -- PG471*3*3*423
PG47 Series -- PG471*4*3*423
OS&Y roddable gauge valve, field replaceable seat for power industry
HG12 Series -- HG121*3*3*413
HG12 Series -- HG121*4*3*413
HG12 Series -- HG121*5*3*413
HG65 Series -- HG651*3*3*413
HG65 Series -- HG651*4*3*413
HO25 Series -- HO251*3*3*413
HO25 Series -- HO251*4*3*413
Primary/orifice block valve
PG65 Series -- PG651*3*3*413
PG65 Series -- PG651*4*3*413
Primary/orifice block valve for power industry
HS31 Series -- HS31*4*3*213
HS31 Series -- HS31*5*4*213
Sample/drain valve