Piedmont Chemical Industries, Inc. Datasheets for Industrial Lubricants

Industrial lubricants are oils, fluids, greases and other compounds designed to reduce friction, binding or wear and exclude moisture. Specialized characteristics may enhance thermal conduction across thermal interfaces or reduce electrical resistivity across electrical joints.
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Product Name Notes
Synthalube 2176 A highly concentrated polyacrylamide lubricant.
Lubricant LRD Fiber-to-fiber lubricant for all types of batch bleaching or dyeing.
Pomolube BOS Great lubricant for garment processing that helps eliminate crease marks in denim.
Lubricant SFA 2 High performance polymer designed to give excellent lubricant during the dyeing of polyester fabrics.
Pomoco B3410C High performance polymer designed to give excellent lubrication during the dyeing of nylon fabrics
Pomolube 1170 Polyacrylamide lubricant that is salt-tolerant and provides superior fiber-to-fiber lubricity.
Pomolube SVBL Solvent-based bun lubricant.