IET Labs, Inc. Datasheets for Voltage Dividers and Voltage References

Voltage dividers and voltage references provide highly-accurate reference voltages for calibration and testing purposes.
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Product Name Notes
High Stability Voltage Reference -- HSVR A highly stable compact voltage reference with a very low temperature coefficient. It is suitable for printed circuit board mounting and whenever precision voltages are required for test, calibration, digital...
Digital Potentiometer Voltage Divider -- KVD-500 Kelvin-Varley Voltage divider circuit - more economical than the DP-500. Operates in the same way as the DP-500, except that it has an additional, but variable resistance in series with...
Digital Potentiometer -- DP-500 The DP-500 Series implement a genuine potentiometer circuit. Use this type where needed to substitute for a three terminal potentiometer, where all three terminals are required individually.
Kelvin-Varlley Voltage Divider -- KVD-600
Kelvin-Varlley Voltage Divider -- KVD-700
These standards grade Kelvin-Varley voltage dividers are highly accurate, stable, and linear instruments for use in many applications requiring accurately known voltage or current ratios. In particular, the KVD series...
Programmable Voltage and Current Source -- VI-700 Various features and options make the VI-700 an effective choice for many manual and programmable voltage and current source applications.