IET Labs, Inc. Datasheets for Thermocouple Simulators and RTD Simulators

Thermocouple simulators and resistance temperature detector (RTD) simulators provide precise standard values of resistance or voltage for simulation and calibration.
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Product Name Notes
Resistance Temperature Detector -- PRTD A broad range of laboratory grade decade substituters for applications requiring a cost effective programmable impedance unit controlled manually and by a computer.
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PRS-200
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PRS-200W
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PRS-201
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PRS-201W
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PRS-202
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PRS-202W
A broad range of programmable resistance decade boxes for applications requiring a programmable impedance unit, controlled manually and by a computer via an IEEE-488, RS-232 or BCD interface.
Electronic Resistance Box -- OS-250
Electronic Resistance Box -- OS-260
Electronic Resistance Box -- OS-270
The revolutionary ohmSOURCE Microprocessor Controlled Resistance Decade Boxes are like nothing you have ever seen before! Microprocessor-controlled and loaded with innovative features, the ohmSOURCE Programmable Resistance Decade Boxes succeeds in...
RTD Simulator -- RTD The RTD Simulator Series is ideal where applications of Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) simulation require exact low value resistance without "zero" and contact resistance effects. The RTD-Z-6-.001 exhibits a resistance...