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The new VITRIUM 3 grinding wheels from Norton utilise a revolutionary bond platform, features an exclusive chemistry that delivers an entirely new grain adhesion science. Provides increased porosity, resulting in improved product versatility across a wide range of precision grinding applications. Vitrium 3 enables the wheel to cut more freely, improving cut rate and also minimises heat build-up, reducing burn, power consumption and grinding forces.
Abrasive Material = Aluminium Oxide
Grit Size = 20
Grade = Extra Coarse
Diameter = 100mm
Width = 50mm
Bore Size = 19.84mm
Maximum Safe Speed = 5730rpm
Series = Straight Cup
Model = Vitrium 3


Product Category
Grinding Wheels
Outer Diameter
3.94 inch (100 mm)
1.97 inch (50 mm)
Bore / Shank
0.7811 inch (19.84 mm)
Max Speed
Grit Size
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