REB Storage Systems International Datasheets for Casters

Casters are complete wheel and horn assemblies that attach to the bottom of equipment to allow movement and carry loads. There are two basic types of casters: rigid and swivel.
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Product Name Notes
Heavy Duty Caster -- GLC305
Heavy Duty Caster -- GLC307
Heavy Duty Caster -- GLC329
Heavy Duty Caster -- GLC331
Heavy Duty Caster Heavy Duty casters are recommended for use on movable racks, utility trucks, conveyors, corrugated box trucks, and many other caster-mounted production jigs and fixtures! 2 1/2" wheel...
Light Duty Caster -- GLC102
Light Duty Caster -- GLC104
Light Duty Caster -- GLC107
Light Duty Caster -- GLC110
Light Duty Caster -- GLC126
Light Duty Caster -- GLC128
Light Duty Caster -- GLC131
Light Duty Caster -- GLC134
Light Duty Caster Light Duty casters are suited for use on institutional equipment, laundry trucks, food service dollies, stock carts, and any other instance where a smooth rolling, maneuverable and...
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- GLC203
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- GLC205
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- GLC206
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- GLC210
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- GLC227
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- GLC229
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- GLC230
Medium Heavy Duty Caster -- GLC234
Medium Heavy Duty Caster Medium Heavy Duty. casters are recommended for applications on equipment such as waste disposal containers, platform trucks, and many different types of bakery apparatus. 2" wheel...