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Reduce Labor Costs with Roll Forming

Roll forming is ideal for OEMs looking to economically produce high volumes of close tolerance parts with a broad range of geometries. Our custom roll forming process converts both ferrous and non-ferrous metals into hardened states that maximize strength, reduce weight and decrease labor costs versus extrusions.
Our inline sweep rolling and arc rolling capabilities can create complex, aesthetically-superior parts such as automotive cargo shade components, range and refrigeration components, point of purchase display components, bicycle frames and oven window components.

Roll-Formed Part Features

Also known as cold roll forming, our roll forming process begins by passing a long strip of coiled metal through a series of incremental bends until a final cross-section profile is achieved.
Our team of roll forming experts can apply further enhancements, such as curves, through sweeping or additional in-line bends with minimal changes to metal thickness.
Additional roll formed features and benefits include:

  • Replace higher cost plastics and extruded parts
  • Reduce waste, secondary operations and labor costs
  • Compatible with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Fabricate finished or painted parts
  • Broad range of geometric opportunities

Roll Forming Capabilities

We use a highly efficient in-line process that minimizes part handling and reduces customer costs. In many cases, we can use the existing tooling on multiple parts to achieve even greater cost savings. Additional capabilities include:

  • Can accommodate 22 sets of rolls with a maximum thickness of 0.062"

Company Information
Mills Products is a turnkey metal fabricator with a reputation for producing lightweight, aesthetically-superior parts. Since 1945, major manufacturers have trusted us to make their components stronger, lighter and more economical.
Certifications / Quality Capabilities
Material Form
Strip/Sheet; Foil
Materials Type
Ferrous; Nonferrous; Exotic Metals; Composites

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