Knowles Precision Devices Datasheets for DC Blocks

DC blocks prevent the flow of direct current (DC) through radio frequency (RF) circuits. They serve as high-pass filters that prevent DC voltages, which have a frequency of zero Hertz (Hz), from interfering with sensitive RF components such as receivers. In other words, DC blocks are capacitors in series with a transmission line. They prevent the flow of DC energy while allowing RF signals to pass with little (if any) attenuation.  
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Product Name Notes
Description Resonance free DC Blocking / Decoupling Less than 0.25 db loss @ 4 GHz (typical) Surface mountable
Ideal SMT Capacitor. Benefits Behaves like an Ideal Capacitor Matches typical 50Ω Line Widths More usable bandwidth Preserves board space
Resonance free DC Blocks with low insertion loss. Benefits Resonance free DC Blocking/Decoupling Less than 0.25 dB loss @ 4 GHz (typical) Surface Mountable
Ultra Broadband DC Blocking. Benefits Resonance Free DC Blocking to > 40 GHz Surface Mountable by Solder or Epoxy Bonding Low Frequency Stability over Temperature Very Low Series Inductance Available...