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Unique Aluminum Extrusion LLC, an integrated aluminum mill and fabricator, has the extensive facilities to fill your requirements for your extruded aluminum tubing, rod, bar and hollow bar needs. In addition we offer extruded pipe, rod, bar, hollow shapes.

Fabricating facilities can perform many varied operations: swaging, expanding, tapering, flaring, bending, notching, chamfering, grind finishing, threading, drilling, punching, flattening, polishing, forming, spinning, and CNC machining, etc.

Our expert engineering department is available to assist you for any technical and fabricating questions, or advise you on a challenging design you might have. Send us your specifications we will be pleased to provide you a free no obligation quote.

Unalext has specialized facilities to manufacture aluminum tube in a wide range of sizes. These are available in all tempers and will meet the strictest tolerances that may be required.

Our expert engineering department is available to you for any technical or fabrication issue. Our fabrication facilities can perform many varied operations.

Please check with our sales department to confirm specific sizes.

Company Information
Unique Aluminum Extrusion LLC, is an integrated aluminum mill and fabricator, producing standard and custom extrusions from start to finish. They serve all fields, and are a hands on company, are service oriented, and customer friendly.
Certifications / Quality Capabilities
Custom In House Q/C
Bending Capabilities
Additional Capabilities
Annealing; Cut-to-Length; EndForming; EndFlattening; Machining; Painting; Slotting; Piercing; Swaging; TelescopicTube; In-lineWelding
Raw Material Form
Tube; Pipe

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