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Tube Assemblies: New England Small Tube is a leader in small diameter tube fabrication. Its assembly capabilities include brazing, laser welding, bending, cutting, swaging, flaring, bulging, beading, and finishing. Original equipment manufacturers rely on New England Small Tube for a wide range of tubular assemblies such as dispensing manifolds, connectors, preheater tube assemblies, reducers, fiber optic guide tubes and many more configurations. In the medical instrumentation industry New England Small Tube is considered the best in the business for sampling and reagent probes. New England Small Tube can help throughout the manufacturing cycle from conception and design, through prototyping and into production. The experience and expertise in probe design and manufacturing has been the perfect background for developing custom stainless steel 96 and 384 well-plate tips.

Company Information
Tube bending at New England Small Tube can range from performing a simple 90° elbow to parts with compound bends and multiple planes. Each bend is fabricated by custom fixtures made specific to the outside diameter and radius.
Certifications / Quality Capabilities
ISO 9001:2000
Bending Capabilities
CNCBending; Coiling; Hypodermic; ThinWall; Compression
Additional Capabilities
Annealing; Buffing; Cut-to-Length; EndForming; EndFlattening; Machining; Plating; Slotting; Swaging; In-lineWelding; Passivation; Grinding
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