Chicago Pneumatic and Pneumatech Datasheets for Oil and Water Separators

Oil and water separators (oil-water separators, oil water separators) are remediation devices that separate oil from water and/or wastewater. This product area includes both aboveground and underground systems for the containment and treatment of oil-contaminated water.
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Product Name Notes
Oil Water Separator -- OWS-1280
Oil Water Separator -- OWS-1750
Oil Water Separator -- OWS-200
Oil Water Separator -- OWS-2500
Oil Water Separator -- OWS-300
Oil Water Separator -- OWS-5000
Oil Water Separator -- OWS-75
Oil Water Separator -- OWS-750
Going green means more than just saving energy, it also means environmental safety and respect. Pneumatech now offers a patented way to turn oily condensate into harmless water that can...
Condensate Treatment -- ECOBOX The Pneumatech ECOBOX offers a compressor condensate cleaning solution with excellent performance for compressed air systems up to 30l/s (60 cfm). It is designed to remove the oil traces from...