JEM Cable & Fiber Datasheets for Serial Cables

Serial cables are used for the serial transmission of data. They support communication standards such as RS232, RS422, and RS485, as well as Fibre Channel, IEEE 1394 or FireWire® (Apple Computer, Inc.), and universal serial bus (USB).
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Product Name Notes
DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-1' -- J5226-0001 DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-1'
DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-10' -- J5226-0010 DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-10'
DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-2' -- J5226-0002 DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-2'
DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-3' -- J5226-0003 DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-3'
DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-4' -- J5226-0004 DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-4'
DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-5' -- J5226-0005 DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-5'
DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-6' -- J5226-0006 DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-6'
DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-7' -- J5226-0007 DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-7'
DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-8' -- J5226-0008 DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-8'
DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-9' -- J5226-0009 DB25F/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-9'
DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-1' -- J5229-0001 DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-1'
DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-10' -- J5229-0010 DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-10'
DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-2' -- J5229-0002 DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-2'
DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-3' -- J5229-0003 DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-3'
DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-4' -- J5229-0004 DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-4'
DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-5' -- J5229-0005 DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-5'
DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-6' -- J5229-0006 DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-6'
DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-7' -- J5229-0007 DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-7'
DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-8' -- J5229-0008 DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-8'
DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-9' -- J5229-0009 DB25M/DB25F DBSHLD 28AWG-9'
DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-1' -- J5223-0001 DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-1'
DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-10' -- J5223-0010 DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-10'
DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-2' -- J5223-0002 DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-2'
DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-3' -- J5223-0003 DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-3'
DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-4' -- J5223-0004 DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-4'
DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-5' -- J5223-0005 DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-5'
DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-6' -- J5223-0006 DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-6'
DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-7' -- J5223-0007 DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-7'
DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-8' -- J5223-0008 DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-8'
DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-9' -- J5223-0009 DB25M/DB25M DBSHLD 28AWG-9'
USB v3.0 CABLE TYPE A M/M 10FT -- J3510-0010 USB v3.0 CABLE TYPE A M/M 10FT
USB v3.0 CABLE TYPE A M/M 3FT -- J3510-0003 USB v3.0 CABLE TYPE A M/M 3FT
USB v3.0 CABLE TYPE A M/M 6FT -- J3510-0006 USB v3.0 CABLE TYPE A M/M 6FT