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Abrisa Technologies provides precision custom machined optical components from prototype to high volume and OEM production. We can apply a variety of precision processes, individually or in combination, to any glass substrate. 90% of Glass Fabrication requirements are unique, consequently when you require a specific transmission, size, edge, polish, or cleanliness standard or more for your product, turn to Abrisa Technologies to produce your glass fabrication components.

  • Cutting - Waterjet, scribe and hand cutting, precision XY sawing (slicing), tube and rod cutting
  • Edging - angled and multi-level bevels, seams, corner dubbing, circle and flat grinding, pencil and polished edging
  • Machining - CNC processing, shapes, notching, slotting, grooving, step surface, holes and tapers, drilling, countersink and dimensional seaming, circle grinding, buffing, polishing, lapping, sandblasting

Company Information
Abrisa Technologies is located in Santa Paula, CA and is comprised of 2 divisions providing precision glass optics products & services; Abrisa Industrial Glass & ZC&R Coatings for Optics. Glass Fabrication & Coatings Experts.
CNC Cutting; Water / Abrasive Jet Cutting
Specialty Cutting
Tube / Pipe

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