Steel Guard Safety Corp. Datasheets for Industrial Partitions

Industrial partitions are used to divide a larger area into smaller, separate workspaces. Products include curtain walls, laser curtains, stage curtains, welding curtains, room partitions, mesh or security partitions, moveable walls, office cubicles, portable partitions, privacy screens, restroom partitions, and demountable wall partitions.
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Product Name Notes
Free Standing Strip Curtain System Allow People and Equipment - but Not Cold Air - to Pass Quickly to Adjoining Rooms. Problems controlling your warehouse temperature? Are dust and dirt creating problems in your plant...
Auto Guard™ Wall Curtains -- AG SS T Series Keeping Your Work Areas Safe & Isolated. Steel Guard™s Auto-Guard CurtainWalls„¢ are Your Cost-Effective, Simple Solution.
Warehouse Curtain / Divider -- WD SS NT Series
Warehouse Curtain / Divider -- WD SS T Series
Partition off unused areas with Steel Guard™s Warehouse Curtain Dividers One solution is to partition off those unused areas. You™ve thought of this and you know this would save you...
Sound Sheild™ Noise Control Curtain -- SCC NT Series
Sound Sheild™ Noise Control Curtain -- SCC T Series
Protect Your Staff from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Keep Your Workplace Ambient Noise Below 85 db OSHA Requirements and Avoid Costly Audio Metric Testing and Work Force Training.
Econo Quick Machine Guard Series Panel -- MGEQf DH Series
Econo Quick Machine Guard Series Panel -- MGEQf PA Series
Econo Quick Machine Guard Series Post -- MGEQf PO Series
Econo Quick Machine Guard Series Post -- MGEQf Pof Series
HD Machined Guard Series Dutch Doors -- MGHDf DD Series
HD Machined Guard Series Hinged Doors -- MGHDf DH Series
HD Machined Guard Series Line Post -- MGHDf PO L Series
HD Machined Guard Series Panel -- MGEQf PA Series
Quarantine Any Area - Regardless of Shape or Size - to Protect Your People and Equipment. Steel Guard'sMachine Shieldô perimeter fencing is ultra-flexible. Design your fencing around any obstacles with...
Econo Welding Curtain -- WCE Series Econo Welding Curtains  Our Econo Welding Curtains are stocked and available for quick shipment in several weld-view and opaque color options. Use them on our Roll Track Systems, hang them...
Curtain Floor Sweep Ideal when an additional seal is needed to keep right 1/3 your work area tightly sealed from dust, spray, and elements. Our curtains are designed to sit just under an...
Industrial Curtain -- IC SS NT Series
Industrial Curtain -- IC SS T Series
Industrial Roll Up Curtain -- RC SS Series
Industrial curtains from Steel Guard Safety are the ideal solution for dividing and separating spaces in your plant, industrial space or warehouse building. Use industrial curtain walls to save thousands...
Vinyl Mesh Panel Keep air flowing through your divided room are with vinyl mesh panels. ¢  12 oz vinyl mesh - available CFM approved ¢  Available in over 4 different colors
Welding Screen -- WS AO
Welding Screen -- WS SSB Series
Welding Screen -- WS T8
Welding Screen -- WS TB
Welding Screen -- WS TY
Portable, economical, and easy to adjust, STEEL GUARD„¢ Welding Screensare flexible and built to last ¢ 18-gauge polished steel square frame ¢ platform legs ¢ grommets set every 12 on...
Weld View Tinted Window Provide any curtain with the protection from harmful welding flash. The tinted transparent window comes in 60" heights and different colors for varying degrees of light protection. The weld-view window...
Chemical Safety Curtains SteelGuard Safety™s Steel-Scrim reinforced vinyl laminated chemical safety curtains combine the chemical resistance of PVC with steel-like strength to create the strongest vinyl curtains available.
Welding Curtain -- WC SS NT Series
Welding Curtain -- WC SS T Series
Strongest PVC material anywhere! Protects workers from Welding arc Flash burns UV light ¦and protects your company from OSHA fines Steel Guard™s welding curtains and welding curtain systems address the...
Valence Panel These upper stationary curtains are to seal upper 1/3 areas when the top height of the curtain area does not need to be opened. The valance panels are made of...
Rolled Welding Curtain -- WCR T Series Welding Curtain Rolls ¢ 14 mil double polished polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material - CFM approved. ¢ Available in 3 different protective semi transparent colors - yellow, orange and shade 8.