PHYco Inc. Datasheets for RF and Microwave Connectors

RF and microwave connectors are used to connect the ends of cables in systems that operate in the radio frequency (RF) or microwave spectrum. They include threaded or bayonet-style couplings that snap, screw, or push into place.
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Product Name Notes
BNC Adapter Jack/Jack/Jack
BNC Adapter Jack/Plug/Jack
BNC Adapter Plug/Jack/Plug
BNC Crimp Jack, RG 58
BNC Crimp Jack, RG 59
BNC Crimp Plug, RG174
BNC Crimp Plug, RG58
BNC Crimp Plug, RG59
BNC Jack
BNC Quick Crimp Plug, RG58
BNC Quick Crimp Plug, RG59