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American Ring Datasheets for Retaining Rings and Snap Rings

Retaining rings and snap rings are fasteners used to axially position a component on a shaft or in a bore.
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Product Name Notes
Annealed Crimp Ring Series
Basic External Retaining Rings
Basic Internal Retaining Rings
Bevelled Edge External Rings
Bevelled Edge Internal Rings
Bowed E-Ring
Bowed External Rings
Bowed Internal Rings
Constant Section Ext. Retaining Ring
Constant Section Int. Retaining Ring
Crescent Retaining Ring
External Bowed E Ring
External Bowed Retaining Ring
External Circular Push On
External Crescent Retaining Rings
External E Ring
External Grip Retaining Ring
External Gripping Ring
External Heavy Duty Retaining Ring
External Interlocking Retaining Ring
External JIS B 2804 Retaining Rings
External Medium Duty Retaining Ring
External Metric Constant Section Rings
External Notched Constant Section Ring
External Reinforced E Ring
External Retaining Ring With Lugs
External Retaining Ring, Tabbed
External Retaining Rings, Bevelled Edge
External Retaining Rings, Inverted Lugs
External Ring, With Inverted Lugs
External Rings for Grooves in Bearings
Heavy Duty External Ring With Lugs
Heavy Duty Spiral Retaining Ring
High Grip Strength E-Ring Series
Housing Rings for Needle Bearings
Interlocking External Series Rings
Internal Bowed Retaining Ring
Internal Circular Push On
Internal Heavy Duty Retaining Ring
Internal JIS B 2804 Retaining Rings
Internal Medium Duty Retaining Ring
Internal Metric Flat Wire Rings
Internal Notched Constant Section Ring
Internal Retaining Ring With Lugs
Internal Retaining Ring, Tabbed
Internal Retaining Rings, Bevelled Edge
Internal Retaining Rings, Inverted Lugs
Internal Ring, With Inverted Lugs
JIS B 2805 E-Rings
Light Duty Spiral Retaining Ring
Med./Heav. Duty Spiral Retaining Ring
Med/Heav. Duty Spiral Retaining Ring
Medium Duty Spiral Retaining Ring
Metric Crecent Retaining Rings
Metric E-Ring Series
Metric Ext. Ring With Lugs
Metric Int. Ring With Lugs
Miniature High-Strength Rings
Precision Support Washers
Radial Gripping Ring
Reinforced E Ring
Reinforced Ext. Circular Push On
Rings to Retain Bearings in Housings
Rings to Retain Bearings on Shafts
Round Section Closed Wire Rings
Round Section Open Wire Rings
Shaft Rings for Needle Bearings
Square Section Closed Wire Rings
Square Section Open Wire Rings