Cable & Supplies, Inc. Datasheets for Underwater Acoustic Transducers

Underwater acoustic transducers contain both transmitters and receivers and use distance and directional data for communication, mapping and navigation.
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Product Name Notes
Acoustic Release Transponder Acoustic Release Transponder is a key equipment of put, position, recycle the anchor system for ocean observation, also can use the control unit on boat deck to send order to...
Acoustic Beacon The Acoustic Beacon is fitted to an target underwater being tracked. It receives and responds encoded signal from/to mother Vessel/Station then the target position can be calculated by mother Vessel/Station.
Underwater Acoustic Measurement and Recording System This series of Underwater Acoustic Measurement and Recording system are in self-contained underwater acoustic signal collection、information process and record Equipment. It can carry submerged buoy、buoy and ARGO buoy to do...