Migatron Corporation Datasheets for Dry Material (Powders) Level Sensors

Dry material (powders) level sensors are used to measure levels of solid, dry materials in either continuous or point values represented with various output options.
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Product Name Notes
Self Contained Sensor -- RPS-150A The RPS-150A analog ultrasonic sensor is mounted in a limit switch style housing and is completely self contained. It is powered by 20-30VDC, and is reverse polarity protected. It also...
Self Contained Sensor -- RPS-450/RPS-475 The RPS-450, 475 are stud-mount, completely self-contained, 120VAC powered ultrasonic proximity sensors. These sensors are range or distance sensitive, enabling the sensors to detect objects only within the desired range...
Self Contained Sensor -- RPS-3000PVC/RPS-4000 These self-contained Ultrasonic Level Sensors provide level control of both liquid and bulk materials. This gives the user a viable alternative to bubblers, floats, capacitance probes, and pressure transmitters.