Harold Beck and Sons, Inc. Datasheets for Valve Actuators

Valve actuators mount on valves and, in response to a signal, move a valve to a desired position using an outside power source.
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Product Name Notes
Linear Globe Valve Actuator -- Model 29-100
Linear Globe Valve Actuator -- Model 29-250
Linear Globe Valve Actuator -- Model 29-600
A versatile, compact design, advanced HART®-capable electronics, hazardous location ratings, and Beck reliability all highlight the new Group 29 linear valve actuator. Beck’s all-new Group 29 linear valve actuator improves...
Rotary Damper Drive -- Model 11-150
Rotary Damper Drive -- Model 11-200
Rotary Damper Drive -- Model 11-300
Rotary Damper Drive -- Model 11-400
Rotary Damper Drive -- Model 11-430
Beck rotary damper drives and rotary actuators are a benchmark in industrial control damper actuation. Unlike typical electric actuators, Beck damper drives and valve actuators are capable of continuous modulation...
Linear Globe Valve Drive -- Model 14-100
Linear Globe Valve Drive -- Model 14-200
Group 14 linear valve actuators combine the benefits of precise, responsive modulation and tight shutoff for exceptional performance in globe valve applications. Group 14 drives are ideal for steam flow...
Rotary Actuator Drive -- Model 22-309
Rotary Actuator Drive -- Model 22-409
Rotary Actuator Drive -- Model 22-809
Group 22 rotary actuators offer excellent performance in a maintenance-free design, plus the added flexibility and features provided by microprocessor-based electronics. Ideally suited for large fan damper applications, these rotary...
Compact Valve Actuator -- Model 31-230
Compact Valve Actuator -- Model 31-250
Compact Valve Actuator -- Model 31-330
Compact Valve Actuator -- Model 31-350
Compact Valve Actuator -- Model 31-M30
Compact Valve Actuator -- Model 31-M50
Group 31 compact valve actuators are designed for coupling to small quarter-turn ball and butterfly valves. The compact, in-line design consists of an output section housing the drive train and...
Quarter Turn Valve Drive -- Model 11-160
Quarter Turn Valve Drive -- Model 11-260
Quarter Turn Valve Drive -- Model 11-360
Quarter Turn Valve Drive -- Model 11-460
Precise, reliable, and consistent positioning of control valves is of critical importance in maintaining overall process control. Beck’s unique ability to quickly, accurately, and consistently track the control signal allows...