Bratney Companies Datasheets for Fans and Blowers (industrial)

Industrial fans and blowers are move air and ganular media in industrial and commercial settings. Typical applications include air circulation for personnel, exhaust, or material handling.

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Product Name Notes
Centrifugal Fan -- CM 620
Centrifugal Fan -- CM 625
Centrifugal Fan -- CM 630
Centrifugal Fan -- CM 82
Centrifugal Fan -- CM 84
Centrifugal Fan -- CM 87
Cimbria Centrifugal Fan CM The Cimbria Centrifugal Fan type CM is a medium-pressure fan having backward curved impeller blades manufactured in steel plate. The impeller is self-cleaning and dynamicaly balanced.
Axial Fan -- ACG 1055
Axial Fan -- ACG 1075
Axial Fan -- ACG 1110
Axial Fan -- ACG 1150
Axial Fan -- ACG 1185
The Cimbria Axial Fan is a very efficient, low-pressure fan, specially developed for aspiration from Cimbria continuous flow dryers. The Axial Fan is equipped with a robust nylon impeller and,...
Cyclofan -- CF 10
Cyclofan -- CF 15
Cyclofan -- CF 20
Cyclofan -- CF 30
The Cimbria Cyclofan is a combination of a fan and a highly efficient mechanical dust separator, specially developed to process moist air from grain dryers. The effective separation of dust...
Super Cyclofan -- CF 610
Super Cyclofan -- CF 615
Super Cyclofan -- CF 920
Super Cyclofan -- CF 930
The Cimbria Super Cyclofan is a further development of the dust separating Cimbria Cyclofan. Thanks to a double impeller system, a very smooth cylinder made of stainless steel and a...