Joint Way International, Inc. Datasheets for ANSI Roller Chain Sprockets

Roller chain sprockets engage chain drives in power transmission and conveyor systems, though sprockets can engage any perforated material. Chain drives can be highly efficient and can produce a mechanical advantage as speed reducers/increasers. Sprockets conforming to ANSI standard B 29.1 are not meant to engage roller chains of any other parameter. ANSI conforming roller chain is smaller and somewhat weaker than its European counterpart.
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Product Name Notes
Double Q-bushed C Pitch: 3/8"
Double Q-bushed Pitch: 3/4" Pitch
Double Q-bushed Pitch: 5/8" Pitch
Double Taper-Bushed B Pitch: 1/2
Double Taper-Bushed B Pitch: 3/4"
Double Taper-Bushed B Pitch: 5/8"
Double Taper-Bushed C Pitch: 1"
Double Taper-Bushed C Pitch: 1/2
Double Taper-Bushed C Pitch: 3/4"
Double Taper-Bushed C Pitch: 5/8
Double Taper-Bushed Pitch: 3/8
Double Type B Pitch: 1"
Double Type B Pitch: 1-1/2
Double Type B Pitch: 1/2"
Double Type B Pitch: 2-1/2
Double Type B Pitch: 2
Double Type B Pitch: 3/4"
Double Type BS Winch - 2 Setscrews Pitch: 1"
Double-Single Taper-bushed A1
Double-Single Type A
No.100 Large Hole A Plates
No.100 Weld-On Finished Sprocket Plate Pitch: 1-1/4" Pitch
No.120 Large Hole A Plates
No.140 Large Hole A Plates
No.160 Large Hole A Plates
No.35 Weld-On Finished Sprocket Plate Pitch: 3/8" Pitch
No.40 Weld-On Finished Sprocket Plate Pitch: 1/2"
No.50 Weld-On Finished Sprocket Plate Pitch: 5/8" Pitch
No.60 Large Hole A Plates
No.60 Weld-On Finished Sprocket Plate Pitch: 3/4" Pitch
No.80 Large Hole A Plates
No.80 Weld-On Finished Sprocket Plate Pitch: 1" Pitch
Pitch: 1"
Pitch: 1-1/2"
Pitch: 1-1/4"
Pitch: 1-3/4"
Pitch: 1/2"
Pitch: 2"
Pitch: 2-1/2"
Pitch: 3/4"
Pitch: 5/8"
Single Q-bushed B Pitch: 1/2"
Single Q-bushed B Pitch: 3/8"
Single Q-bushed Pitch: 1" Pitch
Single Q-bushed Pitch: 1-1/4" Pitch
Single Q-bushed Pitch: 1-3/4" Pitch
Single Q-bushed Pitch: 3/4" Pitch
Single Q-bushed Pitch: 5/8" Pitch
Single Taper-Bushed B Pitch: 1"
Single Taper-Bushed B Pitch: 1-1/2"
Single Taper-Bushed B Pitch: 2"
Single Taper-Bushed B Pitch: 3/4"
Single Taper-Bushed B Pitch: 5/8
Single Taper-Bushed C Pitch: 2"
Single Taper-Bushed Pitch: 1-1/4"
Single Taper-Bushed Pitch: 3/8
Single Type A Pitch: 1"
Single Type A Pitch: 1-1/2"
Single Type A Pitch: 1-1/4"
Single Type A Pitch: 1/2"
Single Type A Pitch: 1/4"
Single Type A Pitch: 2-1/2
Single Type A Pitch: 2
Single Type A Pitch: 3/4"
Single Type A Pitch: 3/4
Single Type A Pitch: 3/8"
Single Type A Pitch: 3
Single Type A Pitch: 5/8"
Single Type A Pitch: 5/8
Single Type B - Stainless Steel Pitch: 3/8
Single Type B Pitch: 1"
Single Type B Pitch: 1-1/2"
Single Type B Pitch: 1-1/4"
Single Type B Pitch: 1-3/4
Single Type B Pitch: 1/2"
Single Type B Pitch: 1/2
Single Type B Pitch: 1/4
Single Type B Pitch: 2-1/4
Single Type B Pitch: 3/4"
Single Type B Pitch: 3/4
Single Type B Pitch: 3/8
Single Type B Pitch: 3
Single Type B Pitch: 5/8"
Single Type B Pitch: 5/8
Single Type BS Pitch: 1"
Single Type BS Pitch: 1-1/4"
Single Type BS Pitch: 1/2"
Single Type BS Pitch: 3/4"
Single Type BS Pitch: 3/8
Single Type BS Pitch: 5/8"
Single Type C Pitch: 1-1/2"
Single Type C Pitch: 1-3/4
Single Type C Pitch: 1/2"
Single Type C Pitch: 2-1/4
Single Type C Pitch: 3
Triple Q-bushed Pitch: 5/8" Pitch
Triple Type B Pitch: 1"
Triple Type B Pitch: 1/2"
Triple Type B Pitch: 3/4"
Triple Type B Pitch: 5/8"
Triple Type C Pitch: 1-1/4"

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