TTX Canada Inc. Datasheets for Flat Panel Displays

Flat panel displays (FPDs) are thin, flat, electronic devices used to display data. They are commonly used in notebook computers. Most styles include the housing and ports necessary to connect them to a computer.
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Product Name Notes
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9224CHVW Choices of touch screen, anti-glare protection glass
Rack Mounted LCD -- S9154R7N
Rack Mounted LCD -- S9154R7NH
Rack Mounted LCD -- S9154RMN
Rack Mounted LCD -- S9154RMNS
Rack Mounted LCD -- S9174R9H
Rack Mounted LCD -- S9174R9N
Rack Mounted LCD -- S9174RMN
Rack Mounted LCD -- S9194R9HN
Designed for installation into 19'' rack
Open Frame LCD -- S9064OWN
Open Frame LCD -- S9084OWNH
Open Frame LCD -- S9104OWN
Open Frame LCD -- S9124OWN
Open Frame LCD -- S9124OWV
Open Frame LCD -- S9154OWH
Open Frame LCD -- S9154OWH-DVI
Open Frame LCD -- S9154OWN
Open Frame LCD -- S9154OWNH
Open Frame LCD -- S9174OWH
Open Frame LCD -- S9174OWN
Open Frame LCD -- S9174OWVW
Open Frame LCD -- S9194OWH
Open Frame LCD -- S9194OWN
Open Frame LCD -- S9204OWH
Open Frame LCD -- S9234OWHW
Open Frame LCD -- S9304OWVW
Open Frame LCD -- S9324OWHW
Designed for touch screen integration, long life design
Specialty Desktop -- S9154BGHNF
Specialty Desktop -- S9154BGNH
Specialty Desktop -- S9154BGNNF
Specialty Desktop -- S9154BLHNF
Specialty Desktop -- S9154BLNH
Specialty Desktop -- S9154BLNNF
Specialty Desktop -- S9174BGHN
Specialty Desktop -- S9174BGNNF
Specialty Desktop -- S9174BLHNF
Specialty Desktop -- S9174BLNNF
Specialty Desktop -- S9194BLHN
Specialty Desktop -- S9194BLNNF
Designed for touch screen integration, sturdy base
Panel Mount LCD -- S9124PNN
Panel Mount LCD -- S9154PNH
Panel Mount LCD -- S9154PNH
Panel Mount LCD -- S9154PNN
Panel Mount LCD -- S9154PNNH
Panel Mount LCD -- S9174OBVW
Panel Mount LCD -- S9174PNH
Panel Mount LCD -- S9174PNN
Panel Mount LCD -- S9194OBH
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9064CSN
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9084CSN
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9104CSN
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9124CSN
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9124RPN
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9124RPN
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9124RPV
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9154CSHNF
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9154RPHNF
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9154RPNH
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9154RPNNF
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9174CSNYHNF
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9174RPH
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9174RPN
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9194RPH
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9204CHV
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9204RPHZ
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9234CHHW
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9304CHVW
Rear Chassis LCD -- S9324CAHW
Industry standard 75mm VESA mounting for flexibility
Industrial Rated LCD -- S9064NPN
Industrial Rated LCD -- S9084NPN
Industrial Rated LCD -- S9104NPN
Industrial Rated LCD -- S9124NPN
Industrial Rated LCD -- S9154N1N
Industrial Rated LCD -- S9154N1NH
Industrial Rated LCD -- S9154N4N
Industrial Rated LCD -- S9154N4NH
Industrial Rated LCD -- S9154NPN
Industrial Rated LCD -- S9154NPNH
Industrial Rated LCD -- S9154NPNH
Industrial Rated LCD -- S9174N1N
Industrial Rated LCD -- S9174N4N
Industrial Rated LCD -- S9174NPN
Industrial Rated LCD -- S9194NPH
Solid, flexible & reliable LCD for demanding applications