Holtkoetter International, Inc. Datasheets for Lamps

Lamps are light sources that emit incoherent light for illumination. There are many different types of products. Examples include fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, heat lamps, incandescent lamps, LED lamps, projection lamps, spectral lamps, and stage lamps. Specialized and proprietary lamps are also available.
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Product Name Notes
Fluorescent Bulb -- 9250*013-GU24 10
Fluorescent Bulb -- 9250*018-GU24
Fluorescent Bulb -- 9250*023-GU24
Fluorescent Bulb -- 9250*027-GU24
Halogen Line Voltage Bulb -- 9250*075-HPNFR by Bulbrite Industries 17
Halogen Low Voltage Bulb -- 9250*020-HSTAR by OSRAM
Halogen Low Voltage Bulb -- 9250*020-HSTAR-G4 by OSRAM
Halogen Low Voltage Bulb -- 9250*020-HSTAR-G4-FR by OSRAM
Halogen Low Voltage Bulb -- 9250*065-HSTAR by OSRAM
Attractive light that is second to none – that is HALOSTAR STAR from OSRAM. These small decorative lamps bring out the best in a room. Entrance areas and prestigious rooms...
Fluorescent Bulb -- 9250*013-DULUX by OSRAM SYLVANIA Double compact fluorescent lamp with 2-pin base, 2700K color temperature, 82 CRI, in retail package, ECOLOGIC for use on magnetic ballast
Halogen Line Voltage Bulb -- 9250*075-DC/CL by OSRAM
Halogen Line Voltage Bulb -- 9250*100-DC/CL by OSRAM
HALOLUX CERAM lamps with their B15d bases have been designed specifically for small stylish luminaires. This brilliant alternative to standard reflector lamps has a compact cylindrical shape that makes it...
Halogen Low Voltage ECO Bulb -- 9250*060-HSTAR by OSRAM HALOSTAR ECO is the smallest of all OSRAM energy-saving lamps. Thanks to innovative technology and infrared coating (IRC) this eco-friendly lamp can save up to 30% energy compared with conventional...
Halogen Line Voltage Bulb -- 9250*025-HPNCL by OSRAM
Halogen Line Voltage Bulb -- 9250*025-HPNFR by OSRAM
Halogen Line Voltage Bulb -- 9250*040-HPNCL by OSRAM
Halogen Line Voltage Bulb -- 9250*060-HPNCL by OSRAM
Halogen Line Voltage Bulb -- 9250*060-HPNFR by OSRAM
Small Compact Halogen Bulb -- 9250*040-HPNFR by OSRAM
OSRAM HALOPIN lamps are ideal for small compact halogen luminaires with directional light, such as those needed at the workplace for example. These small halogen lamps for line voltage provide...
Halogen Line Voltage Bulb -- 9250*100-T3-1/8 by OSRAM Product benefits · 100% dimmable · Can be operated simply on ac voltage without the need for a transformer · Versatile · Direct replacement for standard halogen floodlight lamps ·
Halogen Line Voltage Bulb -- 9250*060-XCL by Bulbrite Industries
Krypton/Xenon Bulb -- 9250*040-XCL by Bulbrite Industries
Krypton/Xenon Bulb -- 9250*040-XFR by Bulbrite Industries
Product Benefits · Bright White light similar to a halogen · Fully dimmable · Line voltage, no need for a transformer · Energy efficient, long lifespan · No UV hazard...
Halogen Line Voltage Bulb -- 9250*100-T3 by Bulbrite Industries
Halogen Line Voltage Bulb -- 9250*150-T3 by Bulbrite Industries
Halogen Line Voltage Bulb -- 9250*200-T3 by Bulbrite Industries
Product Features: · UV Stop · Long expected life · Line Voltage · Fully dimmable
Halogen Low Voltage Bulb with Reflector -- 9250*035-SPOT by OSRAM The DECOSTAR 51 ALU from OSRAM reflector has an aluminum coating so most of the heat is emitted forwards. Low-pressure technology also has the advantage that the luminaire does not...
Fluorescent Bulb -- 9250*055-CIRCLINE by OSRAM The LUMILUX T5 FC FLUORESCENT CIRCLINE is a real alternative to conventional strip lighting. This ring-shaped fluorescent lamp for round, fully integratable designer luminaires offers all the benefits of the...