Quantachrome Instruments Datasheets for Pycnometers

Pycnometers are glass or metal containers with a determined volume. They are typically used to determine the density of liquids and their dispersions
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Product Name Notes
Automatic Gas Pycnometer for Characterization of Foams -- UltraFoam™ 1200e & PentaFoam 5200e The cell type of porous materials correlates with performance attributes such as strength, fluid exclusion (or acceptance) and insulating properties. Closed cells impart water resistance, thermal insulation, buoyancy and resilience.
Automatic Gas Pycnometer for True Density -- Pentapyc™ 5200e
Automatic Gas Pycnometer for True Density -- Ultrapyc™ 1200e / ™micro-Ultrapyc 1200e
The Pentapyc 5200e and the Ultrapyc 1200e are the ultimate gas pycnometers for measuring the true density and volume of powders, catalysts, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, carbons, building materials, rock core plugs,...