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These labels feature a white strip over a 22 mm length for marking. System protects markings from dirt and from being deleted: once marked, unstick the tape and wrap round the wire or cable to be identified several times. Good resistance to ASTM 1 and 3 oils. A pack of black indelible marker pens is available separately. Supplied as sheets or in a book with different numbers of tapes depending on the models.
Affixing Method = Adhesive
Legend = 9
Minimum Cable Diameter = 8mm
Maximum Cable Diameter = 16mm
Length = 25mm
Width = 4.5 mm
Quantity = 9x5
Material = PVC
Minimum Operating Temperature = +5°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +40°C

Safe Engineering Services & Technologies, Ltd.
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Wire Markers and Cable Markers

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Operating Temperature

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