Linn Gear Co. Datasheets for Bevel and Miter Gears

Bevel gears are gears designed to transmit motion between intersecting axes. Perpendicular arrangements are most common, but bevel gears can be manufactured for nearly any angle. The teeth bearing surface of the gear, or surface pitch, is conically shaped or tapered. Miter gears are bevel gears manufactured in a 1:1 ratio, with the same number of teeth on mating gears and with perpendicular axes.

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Product Name Notes
Hardened Miter Gears in both plain bore and with keyway and 2 setscrews – 16 through 4 Diametral Pitch – 20° pressure angle. Catalog numbers ending with ‘H’ indicate items...
Steel miter gears – 16 through 3 Diametral Pitch with 20° pressure angle stocked with plain bore for re-boring.
We stock a variety of steel bevel gears; 16 through 3 Diametral Pitch – 20° pressure angle. Bevel gears can be made-to-order up to 60″ in diameter for custom ratios,...