Qioptiq Datasheets for Optical Apertures

Optical apertures and optical slits control the diameter of beams from light sources.
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Product Name Notes
It is practical to use completely closing iris diaphragms if you need to completely block off a laser beam path. Iris diaphragms are also ideal for use as a combined...
Adjusting lever screwed-in Outer diameter 25, 30 or 35 mm G061657000 with completely closing aperture allows use as dimmer and switch
Free aperture Ø 1 - 15 mm or Ø 1.2 - 22 mm Adjusting lever screwed-in (M1.6) Outer Ø 30 mm or 35 mm Internal and external 1-32UN (C Mount)...
Min. aperture 0.5 mm, Max. aperture 7 mm Outer-Ø 16 mm to insert in Mounting plate N 16, Holder N 40 and Cube N
Outer diameter from 24 mm up to 120 mm Min. aperture from 1.0 mm up to 3.5 mm Including adjusting lever